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We see the sights of Yokohama by municipal traffic

Let's enjoy Yokohama by bus, subway
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How many is the number of tourist attraction tour bus dirt?

Bay side blue

How many is the number of tourist attraction tour bus dirt?

Let's go round tourist attractions of Yokohama by fatty re-like red bus! It travels to Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen) every day while going round bay side areas from Sakuragicho Station!

Bay side blue

July 23, 2020, service start! About 18m in total length, capacity 113, singing in chorus bus of metallic blue tie bay area of Yokohama. Means of transportation of the downtown area seaside part spreads and, for extended prevention of new corona infectious disease, avoids congestion and can make a round trip of in peace more usefully!

It is sightseeing SAN line, peer line aimlesslyAdvantageous ticket

It is sightseeing SAN line aimlessly

"Aimlessly sightseeing SAN line" going to popular tourist attraction from Yokohama Station "peer line" which links passenger vessel terminal from Sakuragicho Station. Let's enjoy sightseeing in Yokohama!

Advantageous ticket

You cover all the Yamashita Park outskirts, Chinatown and Isezakicho, Motomachi from MM21 district where tourist attraction of Yokohama is concentrated and can ride unlimitedly whole day on subway, municipal bus!

Recommendation of the station staff! Sightseeing in Yokohama that "ticket is wide aimlessly with all" and goes round. The station staff did local coverage and made recommended course. Check it out!

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