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Junior high student off campus activity support fare system

Junior high students guide about reduced fare system when municipal subway is used by off campus activity to be able to feel municipal subway to be closer.

Last update date June 1, 2020

Summary of system

Eligible people

Junior high student who performs off campus activity
※ Regardless of the location or public, private institution of school, junior high students of the whole country can use.

The number of people requirements

There is not. It is available from one person.


Around 50% (children fare and the same amount.)

The system start date

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Fare system application day

○ Saturdays and holidays
○ 4 moon 1 day - 4 moon 4 day, from July 21 to August 26, from December 26 to January 6, from March 26 to March 31


Off campus activity conduct certificate which president issued is necessary for the use. I would like mention of the next matter on certificate.
・School name, ride day, ride number of people, ride section, off campus activity contents, president mark
(it depends on judgment of each school about definition of ※ off campus activity)

■ At the time of ride
 ① Please purchase ticket for children for the number of people targeted for discount with ticket vendor.
   ※It is not available with coupon.
 ② Representative, please show off campus activity conduct certificate which we brought to station employee.
 ③ Station employee confirms contents of certificate.
 ④ Please enter from automatic ticket gate.

■ At the time of getting off
 ⑤ Please show certificate to station employee.
 ⑥ Station employee collects certificate.
 ⑦ Please participate from automatic ticket gate.


○ When there is leader, we are out of system about leader.
○ When we have you take, roundtrip comes to need certificate every outward trip, return journey.
○ Mine that I am sorry to trouble you when there is much number of people to have possibilities to need time for the purchase of ticket, but comes to station with room that is enough at time
  We pray for masuyoo.

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