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Environmental executive committee

Last update date March 25, 2019

In Transportation Bureau, we were working on environmental measures as public transport in "the municipal traffic five years management plan", but installed "City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau environment executive committee" led by the outside committee member for the purpose of having advice, proposal from specialized standpoint in future what kind of role you played based on what kind of aim in the environmental field.


From committee members having you take office, we will have advice, proposals such as traffic plan, city environment, information system to clarify future aim and approach about environment as municipal traffic company. Transportation Bureau devises plan about environment in consultation with advice, proposal that we had.

Committee member (the order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation)

Chairperson Hiroshi Kurokawa
 Tokyo Institute of Technology's emeritus professor
Committee member Tetsuo Akiyama
 Capital University Tokyo graduate school's professor
Committee member Hisaya Iida
 TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. Branch Manager Yokohama
Committee member Yumiko Sato
 Suntory culture foundation seat of honor study fellow
Committee member Junji Nishida
 Society Japan Inst. of Systems Res.'s representative director
Committee member Yoshihiro Hongo
 Crossroads, Hongo licensed tax accountant corporation's director
Committee member Masato Nobutoki
 City of Yokohama, Urban Management and Planning Bureau urban management strategy charge director

Proposal from committee

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