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List of flight system line temporary on rainy day and service sections

Last update date June 25, 2020


By, in Transportation Bureau, operating "flight temporary on rainy day" as part of good plan of customer service for, plan relaxation of congestion and work so that customer can use comfortably even in morning on rainy day.

Flight service summary temporary on rainy day


  • Target system
    It is 12 flights with system of six whole city
  • The decision method of service presence
    Probability of precipitation (probability of precipitation of East Kanagawa district 6-12:00 of the day before Yokohama Local Meteorological Observatory 17:00 announcement) of the day before is 70% or more and travels regardless of real weather of the day. In addition, real weather of the day is rainy weather, but, in the case of less than 70%, does not travel.
  • Service time
    The 6:00 a.m. level - 9:00 level on weekdays
    ※Please note that temporary flight does not travel as for [from August 1 to August 31] under period in [from December 29 to January 3], summer vacation during the year-end and New Year period on rainy day.
  • Announcement of service method
    City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau homepageWe publish having service or not of the day in this the day before at 19:00.
  • Fare 220 yen in cash IC 220 yen

List of target system and service section timetables

※As of November 5, 2019

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