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Transfer by municipal bus

Municipal buses are entrusted with transfer transportation at the request of a railway company that has concluded an agreement. Transfer transportation may not be carried out depending on sections that cannot be operated. Please use it according to the instructions of the relevant railway company.

Final update date March 31, 2021

How to use transfer transportation

When using the railway on the SF (charge) of PASMO / Suica

It is not subject to transfer.

If you have a railway ticket or commuter pass for the transfer section

Receive the transfer ticket at the station and put it in the fare box inside the bus.
If you want to transfer with one sheet, please inform the crew and present the transfer ticket.

If you cannot receive the transfer ticket

With the municipal bus, even if you cannot receive the transfer ticket due to congestion at the station, you can use the transfer transportation if you can show the railway ticket and commuter pass of the transfer target section when you get on the bus. In that case, please check whether the handling of transfer transportation is ongoing or whether the municipal bus is subject to transfer transportation, and wait for the bus.
(Even if information on railway transportation obstacles is issued in the press, etc., transfer transportation may not be carried out.)

Transfer section

It can be used within the section of the ticket / commuter pass that you have received from the railway. Even if you have a transfer ticket, you cannot use it from a stop outside the transfer target section or from the outside of the ticket / commuter pass section you have.

After resumption of service

After the end of the transfer service at the railway company, you will not be able to use the bus by transfer even if you have a transfer ticket.

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