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Reserved bus usage guidance

Last update date June 1, 2020

Reserved bus of City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau can be chosen from [how many car, dirt for exclusive use of limousine type, reservations, route bus]!

Please refer to type of reserved bus, the use example, common question from the following links.


[about fare, rate of reserved bus]
Fare, rate applies "time, kilometer combination system fare method" and calculates by adding up of "time system fare" and "kilometer system fare".
When you want to know detailed fare, rate, please contact person in charge!
It is illustration about new rate of reserved bus.
※It is included in 1 "time system fare" at the forwarding time from leaving a shed to kaesako other than time to have you actually take customer. It is prescribed to secure time for "roll call, check" for one hour before and after run time.
※Run kilometer of 2 "kilometer system fare" means distance from leaving a shed to kaesako.

Other instructions

  • Three hours are the smallest units at run time. In the case of one hour, real run time becomes handling same as three hours at run time, and system fare will occur at time for three hours.
  • Fraction of run time cuts off under 30 minutes and leaves off 30 minutes or more an hour.
  • Fraction of the mileage rounds off less than 10km to 10km.
  • There is setting of discount, too. Please refer for the details.
  1. School discount: Use of reserved bus by social studies visit of elementary school
  2. The welfare discount: Use of reserved bus on excursion of person with a disability facility
  • Expense except transport is the actual expenses and asks customer for burden. Example of the actual expenses includes toll road fee, parking fee, crew accommodation price and is necessary by trip and request contents separately.
  • Other than "time system fare" "kilometer system fare", it may take following rates by the situation.
  1. Change driver placement rate: In the case of long distance, long-time service
  2. Late-night early-morning service rate: When time for run or check occurs during 5:00 for late-night from 22:00 to the early morning
  • Insurance to cover accident that happened in the bus inside of car during movement is included in reservations bus rate, but please be careful after having gone down bus as you are not applied to accident that got up while we see the sights.

Payment method

[cash on that day]
It is method that crew is expected to pay in cash on service daily allowance day. Crew brings receipt.
I am sorry to trouble you, but there is not preparation for change.

[the future delivery]
We mail the delivery notification (PDF: 604KB) of Transportation Bureau issuance the middle later in the next month of service day.
You have this "delivery notification" in bank, and please pay.
You can pay in all banks, but fee is free if it is Bank of Yokohama, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank.

Other instructions

  • Of reserved bus make making a reservation from 1st two months before service day. In the case of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, 1st accepts reservation from first weekdays of the month.
  • Rate of reserved bus does not include toll road fee for use, parking charges rate. When you use toll roads, on the day please pay in the actual expenses to customer. Thank you for your understanding.
  • In addition, question about reserved bus "Collection of Q&A (PDF: 36KB)Please see ".

Request of estimate, application from this

As for the person whom reserved preferred dates are decided on, application is possible from Yokohama municipal bus reservations estimate, application form.
Estimate, application from this

General reserved passenger car transport business conditions of carriage

Before application for reserved bus, please read conditions of carriage by all means.
General reserved passenger car transport business conditions of carriage (PDF: 185KB)

Application, inquiry

City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau car headquarters sales department reservations bus charge

Telephone: 045-671-3191

FAX: 045-322-3912

Email: [email protected]

Reception hours over telephone,
[weekdays 8:45~12:00,13:00~17:00] We do in this.
I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding.

In addition, on Saturday and Sunday, we did not hear acceptance in rest agency for holiday and New Year holidays.

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