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The Blue Line service situation

The Green Line service situation

Bus service information

Flight temporary on day of bus rain
Service information

Delay certificate of subway

Delay certificate

The flight on bus rain service information temporary on day

Flight temporary on rainy day


On April 1, 2021, traffic managed by Yokohama-shi reaches the 100th anniversary. We introduce approaches for history of past 100 years and the 100th anniversary.
Six formation of Green Line works on becoming to relax congestion of rush time in the morning.
On July 23, 2020, we started service of singing in chorus bus "BAYSIDE BLUE" (bay side blue)! We place information such as service route and fare, timetable.
New product of new illustration "gather! Other than limited collection of "railroad daughters" of the whole country circulation stamp rally card, we are selling various "Takashima thistles" goods by Animate Yokohama biblurring!

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