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Public information thing of the 50th anniversary

Last update date April 3, 2020

Video of the 50th anniversary

Communication of the 50th anniversary

We look back Konan Ward cheerful community development forum/! We are renewed "message/that we gathered a lot business/of the 50th anniversary by oneself future"! Oldness and the town of Konan pride guidebook issuance

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Sunflower bloomed to junior high student, high school student through sunflower Festa/typhoon of each magazine completed/venue University turnout of the 50th anniversary of ceremony holding/constituency system of the 50th anniversary of the achievement constituency system in autumn! /inhabitant of a ward plan event one after another held/special costarring is realized! Community development forum/original frame stamp sale that Konan Ward is fine as for the finale of the 50th anniversary of sunflower music Festa/constituency system

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Please look for sunflower Festa & ceremony/! Sunflower lets you bloom in special flower bed/autumn of the 50th anniversary of/constituency system and introduces unit/garbage truck PR panel/public information thing, goods

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Title of festival is decided in Konan 50th anniversary sunflower festival ⽂ by junior high school ⽣! /sunflower music Festa participation school is these six schools! /ward ⺠ plan event is held /⼿ talk one after another, but let's tell! Sunflower lets you bloom with/all during/seventh sunflower picture contest work offer in 💛 oldness and Konan full of love in challenge autumn, and let's dance in unit/this year! We came with round fan

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We installed countdown board in Konan-Chuo Station! /PR poster flyer making/all and recruitment of tour participant University! Introduction of sunflower project/inhabitant of a ward plan event of/autumn

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/alliance Neighborhood Associations interchange relay road race was held in beginning "❤ oldness and Konan full of love" of the 50th anniversary of congratulations exchange society - celebration Konan constituency system! Look at video of the 50th anniversary of leaflet completion/Konan constituency system of the 50th anniversary of/Konan constituency system ♪ We made/PR poster! Let's send message to oneself of introduction/future of allied event of the 50th anniversary of/constituency system!

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/health running meeting, alliance Neighborhood Associations interchange relay road race simultaneous holding/inhabitant of a ward plan event offer which established special flower bed, and beginning to sell installed/sewer design manhole at/memory T-shirt the first floor of the ward office stand, and recruited photographs of/smile did/coffee-style UCC and collaboration♪

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Approaches of goods appearance/PR of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system of the 50th anniversary increase, and PR recruits/support ⾦ in/ward alliance Neighborhood Associations ⻑ notification meeting

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Announcement of recruitment of/support ⾦/memory event prior consultation starts about basic theme decision/logo mark result/PR goods

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Poster leaflet

We made poster flyer which made the constituency system 50th anniversary known to everyone.
We post on use of inhabitant of a ward facilities and arrange.
Pickup event to begin on the back of the flyer from April through September
We place information.
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We settled annual event to carry out in commemoration of the 50th anniversary.
With congratulations exchange society as a start, we distribute to local all of you.

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We tell the constituency system 50th anniversary to children clearly and celebrate together
To do; at special support schools such as Hinochuuo High School in ward of PR poster
We asked for making, and wonderful work was done.
Of nursery school, kindergarten in ward, elementary and junior high school, high school, Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations
We post on bulletin boards. In Konan Ward full of love together the 50th anniversary
Let's celebrate!

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