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Work management

Last update date July 10, 2018

Information toward one, the employee who is looking for work

Consultation about employment, carrier consultant diagnose fitting job, and you can see information such as employment support seminar, vocational training, fund loan system.

Steering wheel of ship

Item of page of Economic Affairs Bureau

  • We work in Yokohama
  • Skill up
  • Person of skill job, engineer support
  • System (worker loan systems) for worker

Please see page of Economic Affairs Bureau from this.

Work of elderly person, person with a disability

It is list of recruitment of temporary worker, staff information such as part-time jobs whom Konan Ward government office recruits.
Offer information placing is one case now.

Information toward the company

You can see information such as various support, consultation about business deployment, seminar, lecture.

Item of page of Economic Affairs Bureau
・Consultation, intelligence
Consultation, intelligence, various consultation (management consultation), network formation, information tray dispatch, exhibition, seminar, lecture
・Subsidy, grant, financing
Subsidy, grant, financing (safety net)
・Various support
Technique, research and development, university-industry research collaboration, intellectual property utilization, market reclamation, business expansion (new establishment, enlargement, new field advance), securing of human resources, personnel training, welfare program support
・Reports about laws and ordinances (law, the regulations, rule)
Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law, the factory location method, apartment house architecture guideposts of industrial districts, the cooperative methods such as medium and small-sized businesses, regulations of measurement

Please see page of Economic Affairs Bureau from this.

Reference: "Guide of Yokohama-shi living"

Menus of guide of living are as follows.


  • To person who is looking for work
  • Consultation organization for the young group, middle elderly person
  • Consultation, information
  • Loan system for workers
  • Employment insurance (unemployment insurance)
  • Facility of working person

■Management support

  • Management consultation, technical consultation counter
  • Financing facility
  • Welfare program

[PDF] * can sit on "guide of living" work, management support (PDF page of Civic Affairs Bureau) from this.

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