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The situation of Konan public hall and Konan engineering works office new construction

Last update date July 22, 2020

The situation of construction

July, 2020 NEW!

Construction of the fourth-floor part advances.

June, 2020 

The fourth-floor construction begins.

May, 2020  

The third-floor construction advances.

May, 2020

April, 2020  

The third-floor construction begins. A lot of steel frames have been crossed.
Public hall enters 2, the third floor.

Skeleton construction the first-floor on the end of December, 2019

January, 2020

The first-floor skeleton construction began. Engineering works office and inhabitant of a ward activity support center enter the first floor.

Skeleton construction the first-floor in the first year on the end of December

※In Building Standard Act, it becomes the first floor under the ground.

September, 2019

Underground construction is pushed forward.

The end of August, 2001 basement construction

May, 2019

Stake bangs and is crowded.

The end of April, 2001 pile driving

February, 2019

The basic dismantling of old government building was over. Construction of new public hall and engineering works office will advance from now on.
The first year end of January ground improvement construction

January, 2019

We started Konan public hall and Konan engineering works office maintenance construction from October, 2018.
The basic dismantling of old Konan Ward synthesis government building advances.

The end of December, 2018 dismantling construction photograph

The whole construction process

Please see the whole progress schedule (PDF: 118KB)

Housing and Architecture Bureau facility Maintenance Division telephone: 045-671-2965

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