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[Konan Ward version] We shoot, and let's enjoy time

We settled page that you shot and seemed to be able to enjoy at time. We are going to add new contents in future!

Last update date July 8, 2020

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83 Taro who says to shoot, and to enjoy time

We made Konan sunflower leading dance person video!

For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, much local Bon festival dance and summer festivals have been called off this summer.
Therefore it is the situation that opportunity to dance summer standard "Konan sunflower leading" of Konan Ward has little.
But you hope to gather again, and to be able to dance, and will you not practice next year at each place?
Staff of local, ward, 83 (the bee sun) Taro danced by mask wearing, securing of social distance under town assembly Reiko Tsukada, the guidance of stone bridge ori child in circle of the inside so that everybody practiced at home. Check it out!♪

※When you enlarge video and see, please push logo of YouTube in the lower right of video. We cannot increase in extended mark of the lower right.
[Konan sunflower leading dance person video]

Konan sunflower leading who wants to look at the lyrics and score look at the following link. (we can download sound source.)

Konan sunflower leading

[radio exercises of Konan Ward seriousness] We made video!

The cause of guidance of Noriko Yamaguchi (the first grade radio exercises instruction person, "adviser of Konan Ward street"),
We made advice video to perform radio exercises (the first, the second) effectively.
Person who is usually doing radio exercises, please learn movement of right radio exercises from person who is not so at this opportunity♪

※When you enlarge video and see, please push logo of YouTube in the lower right of video. We cannot increase in extended mark of the lower right.

[radio exercises first practice]
[radio exercises second practice]

[radio exercises commentary]

We will bring up flower "sunflower" of Konan Ward!

Picture of chicken having sunflower

Way of raising ... of flower "sunflower" of ... Konan Ward
Do you not bring up flower sunflower of Konan Ward in house?
◆Step 1 (May)
We plow place to sow seeds in approximately 15cm.
・ It sows kind to depth of around 2cm every 25cm and covers with soil lightly from the top.
・ We do water so that soil does not dry.
◆Step 2 (after the seeding about 30 days)
If height grows to around 30cm, you pull grass of the circumference and should do application of a supporting pole not to fall down!

※If, 40-50 days later, the back side of flower yellows after flower bloomed, and kind becomes black; opportune time!
  It is good to take species♪
※Way of raising varies according to kinds. For details, please confirm separately.

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