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Do you not begin healthy management?

In Konan Ward, we support health promotion of everybody working in office in ward. Do you not work on healthy management (※) together?                            ※"Healthy management" is registered trademark of non profit organization health management society.

Last update date May 20, 2020

News from Konan Ward

Healthy management facebook (Facebook)

We established Facebook page to support health promotion of work generation in Konan Ward.
We click the like button by all means I would like this and follow.
We push forward "healthy management" with all of you, us of office and will make cheerful Konan Ward!

Konan Ward health management Facebook "one step of the beginning"

New coronavirus related information

Please confirm the latest information in information (internal site) about new coronavirus infectious disease.
※We place information such as "infectious disease measures" or "management support" for all of the companies in the middle section of page.

About the infection prevention to new coronavirus infectious disease in the workplace, reinforcement of health care (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) (the outside site)
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare asked for cooperation to publicize infection prevention of various places that worked in business ground, thorough health care toward subsidiary of groups when each company carried out voluntary approach based on "basic coping policy of new coronavirus infectious disease measures" (as follows "basic coping policy") for business groups such as the labor and management group or business owner group according to type of industry.

New coronavirus infectious disease "living, economic measure" (internal site)
To all of the offices (management consultation, fund raising support)

New coronavirus infectious disease prophylaxis (internal site)
Putting on and taking off method of right mask, hand-washing method

Consultation counter (internal site) about new coronavirus infectious disease
Consultation counter of suspected of general inquiry and infection about new coronavirus
Q&A (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) about new coronavirus infectious disease (the outside site)
Corporate Q&A 

Yokohama health management certification office questionnaire result

After asking all of Yokohama health management certification offices in Konan Ward for Web questionnaire from February 12, 2020 through 21st, we had you reply from seven.
We introduce one of the questionnaire items!

Q: Is there merit to feel while we work on healthy management?
A: Absence due to illness, absence, tardy of employee decreased. (3 offices)
  Communication of the workplace improved. (3 offices)
  Physical checkup result of employee was improved.
  Taking a rest receives feeling that decreased for influenza for long term.
  We were able to show that company went for employee to local and customer as visible form.
  It was useful for the employment.
  Quitting a job decreased.
In this way, we feel merit. Do all of you not begin healthy management by all means, too?


Preventive measures against passive smoking April 1, 2020, the revised Health Promotion Act entire surface enforcement

Preventive measures against passive smoking are necessary for each facility, store.
It applies to all facilities including restaurant and office.
For more details, please see Yokohama-shi homepage "preventive measures against passive smoking".

Yokohama health management certification 2020 attestation ceremony

Yokohama health management certification 2020 attestation ceremony was held on January 20, 2020.
We will work on health promotion of employee together from now on!

Around Konan Director General, we take a ceremonial photograph with all of the acquisition offices
In Monday, January 20, 2020 Landmark Hall

Unfortunately we presented letter of certification to all of the offices which were not able to attend at attestation ceremony from Mayor of center.

All of Yokohama health management certification 2020 certification offices

Class AAA

General incorporated association use of asking what inhabitant of a ward facility association

Class AA
Miyajima transportation
Special elderly nursing home Sun Valley
The company new world
Yokohama-shi silver human resources center
Social welfare corporation royal gift foundation Saiseikai Yokohamashi Nanbu Hospital

Class A
Shimonagaya, Yokohama-shi community care plaza
AMANO Co., Ltd Giken
Higiriyama, Yokohama-shi community care plaza
Nonprofit foundation Yokohama-shi welfare work manager society
Special elderly nursing home Hino southern port
Hinode shop building stones shop
Ueki, Konan garden
Shogakukan Inc. Shueisha production Shogakukan academy kaminagaya nursery school
It is ko erukarugamo society local action support center Pastel with health of non profit organization heart
ko erukarugamo society working continuation support type B office cuts health of non profit organization heart, but person of thing
Japan Post Co., Ltd. Konan post office
Konan Tsukushinbo Nursery School
Kazuyuki temple
Basic construction
Kounandai, Yokohama-shi community care plaza
Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. Kamiooka Office

※In the past certification office (the ward), please see this.
 Yokohama health management certification 2017.2018 (internal site)Yokohama health management certification 2019 (internal site)
※Please refer to City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau homepage for summary of system.  
 The Yokohama health management certification (internal site)

What is healthy management?

Approach of healthy maintenance, increase of employee is to think about the cause, health promotion of thought that it is investment to raise profitability in the future from viewpoint of running, and to practice strategically.
It is the times when health of each employee supports not only personal responsibility but also company.

Merit to work on healthy management?

Improvement of productivity by security, healthy security

By decrease in absence, sick leave, tardy of employee, decrease in accident, disgraceful affair, efficiency and productivity improve.

Improvement in will that employee commits

Each one is felt saying "it is valued", and motivation improves, and lack of human resources is dissolved.

Image enhancement of company! PR to jobseeker!

It seems to be easy to commit company taking good care of employee! We fix our eyes on image enhancement and the future called this, and stable duties lead to expectation that they can perform.

Such a story is given in office, but ...

Will it cost good money if going to work on healthy management?

From health promotion slight as for the healthy management! There is method begun in cost zero!
Please consult by all means.

Is it not secure to do physical checkup properly in the workplace in that?

It is important to review lifestyle from result of physical checkup. Securing of health from the prevention!

That is personal responsibility if employee gets sick?

To work generation spending most of days in the workplace, way of working makes lifestyle.
We get cheap sick by occupation, the type of job, and there is point to be careful about.

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