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History summary of Kohoku Ward

Last update date March 18, 2019

Kohoku Ward was born with Totsuka Ward in April, 1939. Kohoku Ward at the time was area that put current Kohoku Ward, Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward   together, and population was about more than 50,000.

Afterwards, northwest area of ward was further incorporated into Tsuzuki Ward   in Midori Ward (a part of current Midori Ward, Aoba Ward and the Tsuzuki Ward  ) share ward in November, 1994 in 1969 by administrative section reorganization, and it was in current Kohoku Ward.

As for the Kohoku Ward, making began quickly city for inland of Yokohama-shi by current Toukyu Toyoko Line having been opened current JR Yokohama Line in 1926 in 1908. Early in the Showa era, Tsunashima hot spring did well, and Keio University preparatory course moved to Hiyoshi, and housing land development was seen around each station of Toukyu Toyoko Line.

Switch of use of land advanced after the war from farmland and housing land development and farmland in forest place to factory, warehouse over the rapid economic growth period from the early days. Factory accumulates around the Tsurumi River in particular, inland industrial big base nitonarimashita in Yokohama-shi.

In addition, when Shin-Yokohama Station was opened in 1964 with opening of Tokaido Shinkansen, district land readjustment project in northern Shin-Yokohama Station was started, and maintenance as base of the Yokohama-shi second next to around Yokohama Station, Kannai, Kangai-District began.

When high-speed railway Route 3 that linked Yokohama - Shin-Yokohama in 1985 was opened and was further extended to Azamino (Aoba Ward) in 1993, and there were Shinyokohamakita Station (current Kita Shin-Yokohama Station renames in August, 1999) and Nippa Station, switches from factory and warehouse to house came to be seen in associate industrial district of Nippacho. In addition, switch to house is advancing rapidly in other associate industrial districts.

Kozukue, area including Nippa were placed in the comprehensive plan "yumehama 2010 plan" of Yokohama-shi as the Shin-Yokohama downtown area around Shin-Yokohama Station, and maintenance of broad-based facility and base was planned, and Yokohama International Stadium (current: Nissan stadium) opened as one in 1998.

History chart of Kohoku Ward
The generationThe Christian eraThe name of an eraYearMatterPopulationThe world
The 900s   The village of Tachibana tree county Takada, kyuryokigunshioka name is written down in "[wamyoruijusho] producing name of Japanese style classified collection in book form" Nara, the Heian era
The 1200s   Samurais such as Morooka, Tsunashima of Musashi country appear to "Azuma mirror" [Azuma stoops down] The Kamakura era
14001405The Oei era12Prospectus when dedication of a new bridge was carried out for "own plan extract" [we do and carry bean jam] in Tsunashima-go is written down The Muromachi era
1476Civilization8Kozukue battle (tadendo* [otadokan] captures Kozukue Castle)  
1486 18It is written that we ask for accommodation for "pilgrimage notes" [kaikokuzakki] in piece forest  
18001834The Tenpo era5Hiroshige Andou stays in Izumitani temple of Kozukue in these days. "sansakurashokinsaishokukaku" of eight pieces of Sugito is left  
1859  The Yokohama opening of a port We visit a shore in Kurofune Uraga in 1853 (Kaei 6)
1871Meiji4Kanagawa is placed by establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains  
1889 22Municipal organization takes effect in Yokohama. Kozukue village, general rules village, Hiyoshi-mura is organized  
19001904 37Peach cultivation of Tsunashima begins  
1908 41Facility Yokohama railroad (forerunner of Yokohama Line) opening between Yokohama - Hachioji  
19101912TaishoThe causeTsunashima fruit raising association is established  
1914 3Radium mineral spring gushes out in Tarumachi, Tsunashima World War I (... 1918)
1917 6It is become Yokohama Line state ownership  
19201923 12The Great Kanto Earthquake  
1926 15Tokyo Yokohama Railway Corporation Kanagawa Line (forerunner of Toukyu Toyoko Line) opening between Maruko Tama River - Kanagawa
The Yokohama railroad Kikuna Station opening of business
1927Showa2It is five wards of birth of Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Hodogaya, average, Isogo in administration of a ward enforcement Yokohama-shi
Shinohara-cho, Kikuna-cho, Mamedo-cho, Futoo-cho, Ozone-cho, Tarumachi, south Tsunashima-cho, north Tsunashima-cho ・
Morokacho, Kishinecho, Toriyamacho, Kozukuecho is admitted into Kanagawa Ward
The Tokyo Yokohama Railway Corporation Tsunashima hot spring bathhouse opening of business
1928 3The skating rink opening of business (it becomes Okurayama skating rink in 1936) natural in Ozone  
19301931 6We maintain Tokyo Yokohama Railway Corporation, Okurayama Bairin Manchurian Incident
1932 7Toyoko Line whole line opening between Shibuya - Sakuragicho
Okurayama moral culture research institute construction
 5.15 case
1934 9We move to Keio University preparatory course, Hiyoshi 1936 (Showa 11) 2.26 case
1938 13Tsurumi levee rip is damaged by heavy rain 1937 (Showa 12) Lukouchiao Incident [rokoukyojiken]
1939 14Birth (as for the area about a one-third of all city limits) of Kohoku Ward51,800Nomonhan 5.11 case
19401941 16Direct driving start of Yokohama Line (Higashikanagawa - Hachioji) The Pacific War outbreak
1942 17We are completed and move to ward office Kikuna
The Kikuna girls' school opening of a school
1944 19We are stationed in the navy headquarters Keio University Hiyoshi campus
We establish Tsunashima Park as air defense green tract of land
1945 20The U.S. forces are stationed in Keio University Hiyoshi campus86,314Yokohama blitzkrieg
Hiroshima, Nagasaki atomic bomb throwing down
The end of the war
1946 21Ward board of elections start, local welfare officer appointment that has never met The Constitution of Japan enforcement
1947 22Municipal bus opening that has never met in ward
Okurayama nature skating rink business closing
1948 23Kohoku agricultural cooperative start  
1949 24Keio University Hiyoshi campus return
Kohoku public health center establishment
 The Tokyo Stock Exchange establishment
Single exchange rate conduct (360 yen to the dollar)
19501950 25Public welfare stability place (the existing Health and Welfare Center) establishment93,421 
1951 26Kohoku fire deparment open station
Council of Social Welfare, agriculture committee start
 Japan-U.S. security regulations signing
A population of 1 million people breakthrough of Yokohama-shi
1953 28  Television transmission start
1954 29We discover Yayoi ware in Shinohara-cho The international flight service first Japanese airlines
Bikini island H-bomb test
1955 30Shore base U.S. forces barracks establishment111,095 
1956 31  Economic white paper "is not after the war anymore"
Is appointed in Yokohama-shi, cabinet ordinance city
19601960 35Kohoku post office opening of an office
The Kohoku Ward general government building (Kikuna) completion
147,688Color television broadcast start
1961 36Ward Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations contact meeting start  
1963 38Tokyu bus Hiyoshi Office establishment  
1964 39Shin-Yokohama Station business start Tokaido Shinkansen opening
The Tokyo Olympics
1965 40The Daisan Keihin Expressway opening235,046Tokyo Numazu Line (Route 246) opening
The Vietnam War
1966 41The cleaning station (the existing Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau) Kohoku office establishment
Lower Water Works Bureau (the existing Environmental Planning Bureau) Futoo pumping station startup
 All-out a population of 100 million people breakthrough of Japan
Pollution, environmental problem intensification including itai-itai disease
1967 42Local police department (the existing prefectural police), Kohoku police department open station  
1968 43Yokohama Line (Higashikanagawa - Kozukue) double track
Road and Highway Bureau Kohoku engineering works office establishment
 The Tomei Expressway opening
A population of 2 million people breakthrough of Yokohama-shi
1969 44It is ward for Midori Ward Apollo 11 moon landing success
19701970 45Water Works Bureau Kohoku Office establishment221,511 
1971 46Kishinekoen opening of the park  
1972 47Evacuation area at the time of earthquake is decided
Shore base ruins are returned to Yokohama-shi entirely
 Okinawa start
1973 48Kohoku new subdivision basic plan announcement
The city's first welfare center for the old Kikuna Jurakuso establishment
 It shifts to the Japanese yen floating rate system
1974 49Gathering of the first inhabitants of a ward  
1975 50 255,275The Vietnam War end
The U.S. and Russia spaceship first docking
1976 51Tokaido Shinkansen Hikari Shin-Yokohama stop (two 1st) Lockheed case
1977 52Kohoku Ward flood control meeting, Kohoku Ward clean election promotion meeting (election promotion meeting that the existing Kohoku Ward is well acquainted with) start  
1978 53Kohoku Ward newly general government building (Mamedo-cho) establishment
Yokohama Line (valley out of Kozukue ...) double track
 The new Tokyo international (Narita) airport opening of a port
Yokohama ocean Whales birth
19801980 55Kumano Shrine Shimin-no-Mori opening of the park
Kohoku library, the Kikuna district center opening
1981 56Transportation Bureau Kohoku Office establishment
The Nitta district center opening
1984 59The first Tsurumi River fireworks festival
The Okurayama memorial hall opening, part of Okurayama Park opening of the park
1985 60Subway Route 3 (Yokohama - Shin-Yokohama) opening
The Kohoku sports center opening
The first Kohoku relay road race meeting
Is appointed in green zone preservation district where it is the first in the Okurayama city
280,670In Japan, world's best longevity country
We break through Yokohama-shi a population of 3 million people
1986 61The "history of Kohoku Ward" publication  
1987 62Yokohama-shi general rehabilitation center establishment Japanese National Railways division and privatization. JR start
1988 63Kohoku Ward emblem establishment
Yokohama Line whole line double track
1989HeiseiThe causeThe Yokohama Arena opening
Yokohama exhibition holding
The Kohoku constituency system 50th anniversary
 Consumption tax introduction
The municipal organization 100th anniversary, the opening of a port 130th anniversary
Yokohama Bay Bridge opening
The Berlin Wall collapse
Flower rose establishment of city
19901990 2 305,774 
1991 3Tree American dogwood of ward, flower plum establishment of ward
Yokohama Rosai Hospital establishment
 The Gulf War outbreak
Collapse of bubble
Extinction of the Soviet Union
1992 4asobotto dream in arena KOHOKU Festival holding
The Yokohama raporu opening, general health medical center establishment
 The Japanese first astronaut boards space shuttle
1993 5Subway Route 3 (Shin-Yokohama - Azamino) opening  
1994 6It is ward for Tsuzuki Ward  
Shin-Yokohama service counter in the city hall establishment
It is in front of the ward for Tsuzuki Ward  
For Tsuzuki Ward   after the ward
1995 7Shinyoshida community care plaza establishment
Hiyoshi Station service counter in the city hall establishment
Evacuation shelter is decided
279,333The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
The sarin subway attacks in Tokyo
1997 9Shinohara district center, Shinohara community care plaza establishment
Seeing Eye Organization training center completion in Japan
Garbage charge start of office origin
 Hong Kong China return
1998 10Yokohama International Stadium (existing Nissan Stadium) opening
The sports medical department studies center sports community plaza (existing Nissan water park) opening
20002000 12Takada community care plaza, Shimoda community care plaza, Mamedo community care center (existing Mamedo community care plaza), the Shimoda short stay center opening
The Kohoku international exchange lounge opening
2001 13  911 U.S. synchronized terrorist attacks
2002 14Health and Welfare Center establishment (we integrate public health center with Welfare Division)
2002FIFA World Cup TM soccer Japan and Korea co-hosting
The Tarumachi community care plaza opening
 Inhabitants account book network system start
2003 15The roof tree planting of ward office is completed
Shin-Yokohama dream oasis (Tsurumi River multi-purpose play Suichi) operational start
2004 16The castle-go Kozukue district center, castle-go Kozukue community care plaza opening Minato Mirai Line opening
2005 17Oldness and support business start
Kohoku AAA (Kohoku security, reliable town development meeting) start
2006 18English version area disaster prevention map making
The city's first local child care support base doroppu establishment
Community-based welfare health planning (FFF) business start
2007 19We carry out green curtain business in elementary school in ward
The ward's first automatic mall compound model large size commercial facilities open in Morokacho
The Hiyoshihoncho community care plaza opening
2008 20The municipal subway Green Line (valley out of Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku - Midori Ward) opening of business
The Morooka community house opening
2009 21The Kohoku constituency system 70th anniversary
Shinyoshidacho, Nippa-cho murmuring city park extension maintenance completion
The Kohoku Ward life support center opening
Nitta new road is extended
325,590The Yokohama opening of a port 150th anniversary
20102010 22We install sunlight panel in the roof329,471The Haneda Airport new international terminal opening of business
2011 23We carry out support and people unable to return home measures of victim caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake
Headquarters for Promotion of Kohoku eco-action ("promotion of energy saving" "promotion of green up" "promotion of Yokohama 3R dream plan") start
331,937The Great East Japan Earthquake
2012 24We carry out people unable to return home measures training around Shin-Yokohama Station
Company in ward concludes agreement at the time of disaster with Kohoku Ward
Nursery school facility of 17 garden is established by nursery school waiting-list child measures of three years (the 22-24 year)
334,040The Tokyo Skytree starts a business
2013 25We carry out the city's first open garden (Kohoku OPEN GARDEN)338,378Mount Fuji registers as world heritage
The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Paralympics held decision
2014 26The Nippa community care plaza community house opening
Shin-Yokohama Station the 50th anniversary of the opening
341,324"The Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Sites" register as world heritage
The 50th anniversary of the opening of Tokaido Shinkansen

[reference] Kohoku graphic others

In library of Yokohama-shi, you can see book about history of Kohoku Ward. We introduce part here.
(by book, there is thing becoming back order from Chuo-toshokan.)

  • "History of Kohoku Ward" Kohoku Ward local history editing publication committee, hen*wa 1961 issuance
  • "Kohoku 100 episodes" editing Committee "talking about Kohoku around aged person", hen*wa 1951 issuance
  • "History walk of Kohoku" Yokohama native district society, hen*wa 45 years issuance
  • "We visit remains of Kohoku" and visit remains of Kohoku and issue for editing Committee, henheinari four years
  • We issue in "wave of Kohoku urbanization" for Showa, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi 46 years
  • "City of the future kohoku" Kohoku Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division 1987 issuance
  • "Kohoku 50&TODAY" Kohoku Ward General Affairs Division 1989 issuance
  • "New Kohoku story" Kohoku Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division, henheinari six years issuance
  • "Name of a street of Yokohama" City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau 1996 issuance
  • "Forming anew Musashi topographical record article" Yuzankaku publication 1996 issuance
  • "Tsurumi River basin" Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto district maintenance station Keihin construction office 2003 issuance
  • "History walk of Kohoku" Okura moral culture Institute 2003 issuance
  • If "it is natural culture of Yokohama Kohoku" Okura moral culture research institute 2006 issuance
  • With "the place name of Yokohama Kohoku culture" Okura moral culture research institute 2009 issuance
  • "Magazine 1939-2009 - of the 70th anniversary of border and memory - constituency system of Kohoku Ward" Kohoku Ward government office 2009 issuance
  • "Our town Kohoku" "our town Kohoku" Kohoku publication group 2009 issuance
  • "Our town Kohoku 2" "our town Kohoku" Kohoku publication group 2014 issuance
  • "Shin-Yokohama Station magazine "trace of Shin-Yokohama 50 years" Shin-Yokohama Neighborhood Associations 2014 issuance of the 50th anniversary
  • "Kohoku Ward plan" (March, 2015 revision) Kohoku Ward government office, Urban Development Bureau 2015 issuance

About town development, history-like building where we made use of history in ward in

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