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Tsunashima Sakura Festival

We cancel in 2020

Last update date March 1, 2020

When Yoshino cherry tree blooms, we hold Tsunashima Sakura Festival in Tsunashima Park.
A lot of handmade refreshment stands of local mall open a store, and, on central stage, dance, a lot of performances including modern dance are shown in the sum drum, koto performance.
Sale such as musical accompaniment of Tsunashima musical accompaniment ream or flower seedling is carried out in open space, too.



Tsunashima Sakura Festival of 2020 is cancellation.


Tsunashima Park
Toukyu Toyoko Line "Tsunashima Station" 7-minute walk


Outdoor tea ceremony, refreshment stand, entertainment event, flea market

State of Tsunashima Sakura Festival

Sakura Festival

Sakura Festival

Sakura Festival

Sakura Festival

Sakura Festival

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