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Attractive photocontest of Kohoku-cho

※Offer was finished.

Last update date March 1, 2020

Please tell charm of each "north, south, east and west in Kohoku Ward" that you found area.

We felt nadoto in "beautiful" "beautiful" "fantastic" "interesting" "hometown Nara",
We raise photographs which cut charm of town for each area of north, south, east and west in Kohoku Ward.

North, south, east and west Eli in attractive photocontest Kohoku Ward of work offer Kohoku-cho
Offer guidance

Offer work

* Single photograph which there is not which we are going to announce with unpublished work which applicant photographed in Kohoku Ward elsewhere
* Image processing that gave processing, composition is impossible
* Application to each five points of section one


In person living in Kohoku Ward, work loving, Kohoku Ward come to to play in, Kohoku Ward which are going to live from now on, it is except photographer professional

Application method

* We apply by email (only JPEG format attaches one piece of photograph to one email. As for the photograph capacity to 5MB)
* We save and apply for CD-R at mail or window (only as for the JPEG format as for one piece of photograph capacity to 5MB)

☆In application, please submit after filling out the following required items in the email text or the space (format freedom).
1.Full name
3.Phone number
4.FAX number
5.E-mail address
6.Application section
7.Title (less than 20 characters)
8.The shooting date and time
9.Shooting place
10.Comment (less than 100 characters)

Application section

* Eastern area section: Ozone, Osonedai, Tarumachi, Morokacho, Futoo-cho, Okurayama
* Western area section: Shinyoshidahigashi, Shinyoshida-cho, Nippa-cho, Kitashinyokohama
* Southern area section: Mamedo-cho, Kikuna, Shinoharakita, Nishikigaoka, Mt.Fuji-shaped mound, Shinoharahigashi, Shinohara-cho, Nakatehara, Shinoharadai-cho, Shinowaranishi-cho, Shin-Yokohama, Kozukuecho, Toriyamacho, Kishinecho
* Northern area section: Hiyoshi, Hiyoshihoncho, Minowa-machi, Shimoda-cho, Tsunashimahigashi, Tsunashimanishi, Tsunashimakamicho, Tsunashimadai, Takatahigashi, Takatanishi, Takada-cho

Offer period

October 31, 2018 (effective postmark)

Prize, souvenir

The highest award: One point
Section prize: Each three points of sections


After examination by examination committee consisting of representatives of Kohoku tourist association's chairperson, area, it is decided.


* Work that thing having rights such as person or copyright, trademark becomes subject, please get permission such as application and display, exhibition in the responsibility of applicant by all means. In addition, consent of pro-incarnation is necessary when subject is minor.
* We cannot take responsibility such as violation of right of likeness of subject. Please be settled in the responsibility of the applicant by any chance when dispute occurred with third party.
* Copyright of entry belongs to photographer, but we shall give sponsor and Kohoku Ward government office the right to use (use to thing to make for the purpose of sending display, public information, homepage, postcard, poster, charm of other Kohoku Ward widely) free of charge and decide to recognize about image processing at the time of use again.
* In the case of selection and contact of work and prize shipment, publication, personal information of person who had you apply uses and does not use the purpose outside.


Kohoku tourist association


Kohoku Ward government office

Application, reference

E-mail [email protected]

26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
The Kohoku tourist association secretariat (the Kohoku Ward Regional Promotion Division)
"Attractive photocontest of Kohoku-cho" person in charge

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Inquiry to this page

Kohoku Ward General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-540-2235

Telephone: 045-540-2235

Fax: 045-540-2245

E-Mail address [email protected]

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