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Inhabitant of a ward activity support center information paper "comfort, play, study" index

Last update date March 27, 2019

Information magazine (every other month) which joins "activity" of Kohoku Ward together

No. 283 March, 2019 issuance

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    Comfort studying 283 cover
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    • One page (PDF: 726KB)
      Approach of Kohoku Ward "Kohoku picture library" to see with special feature picture citizen group "my town Kohoku picture project"
    • Two pages (PDF: 658KB)
      We introduce approach of special feature "Kohoku picture library" citizen group "my town Kohoku picture project"! ◆What is "Kohoku picture library?" ◆About "Kohoku oldness and person biography"
    • Three pages (PDF: 867KB)
      Town ... "Momo Tsunashima Festival" that festival - area of "our town Kohoku" spot Kohoku Ward brings up "Tsunashima Sakura Festival"
    • Four pages (PDF: 912KB)
      Town ... "Okurayama cherry tree festival" that festival - area of "our town Kohoku" spot Kohoku Ward brings up "carbon wild cherry tree festival" "Kozukue ruins of a castle festival"
    • Five pages (PDF: 666KB)
      Studying spot (event information with group in Kohoku Ward) Mamedo Kikuna sprinkled water masterpiece war executive committee lecture "regards energy problem as abnormal weather!" (survey, exchange of opinions) of/lifelong learning group earth 67th movie viewing society "blue mountain range"/picture book story-telling Yokohama festival executive committee first picture book story-telling ♡ plum festival 2019 "in spring party (flower does not get) ♪ of & going to see cherry blossoms at night & flower at the ♡ daybreak"/life active play tsunashima kaimeisakuutsurikakukagamisho gather; in "Singin' in the Rain"/shinyokohama local action home March fair [the 149th] of fair [musical - feeling nostalgic for love suruotonanouta 4-] of fair "reading salon" of event information/takeseiryunichihongininshigimmuryokoza/contact Zoo executive committee/Kohoku libraries friend whom "contact Zoo comes over" to /ki/Kohoku nursery rhyme [the 150th] [the 151st] news (meeting/arrival at tab of Yokohama mahjong is dressed) of member offer from fair "thinning experient, member offer of water supply water source, Doshimura of Yokohama-shi" of fair medical care "story of lecture medicine notebook and generic drug" of [the 152nd]/Kohoku libraries friend/NPO law humanity will forest at the head of a river volunteer/registration group
    • Six pages (PDF: 1,513KB)
      We held news "teacher of town PR exhibition" from inhabitant of a ward activity support center! Please put opinion, impression for/"easy studying" to/"studying spot" issuing/Kohoku Ward group, group guide publication person desired.

<editing, issuance>
Kohoku Ward government office General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity support center
〒222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
Telephone: 045-540-2246, FAX: 045-540-2246

Consultation of lifelong learning, inhabitant of a ward activity, "teacher of town" to Kohoku Ward the fourth floor of the government office 48th window

"Easy studying" back number

You can see "series our town Kohoku" by Okura moral culture research institute published serially by "comfort, play, study" No. 46 (January, 1999 issue) back number from the first.

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