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Inhabitant of a ward activity support center

Last update date June 1, 2020

About the reopening of facility use that received new coronavirus infectious disease emergency declaration cancellation

Following the fact that emergency declaration for Kanagawa by the government was canceled, we reopen about facility use of Kohoku Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center from Monday, June 1. But, please understand because 3 avoids contact dense and more than required as it is the use on having taken infection preventive measures to show next, and to do. I apologize to users for the inconvenience sequentially, but, for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, would appreciate your understanding, cooperation for your health and security again.
[about preventive measures against infection (cooperation) to ask]
About 1 consultation, we hear from by telephone, E-mail beforehand and we make a reservation and would appreciate your going over the date and time when the next agency is necessary.
The use of 2 work corners, please make a reservation for telephone, E-mail beforehand, too. We do the use of work corner to two people per 1 group until around one hour at time.
Nine or less, interchange corner is five or less, and please use 3 meeting rooms.
On 4 next agencies, I would like cooperation in wearing, hand-washing of mask, finger disinfection.

Information for facility use

Kohoku Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center
PlaceKohoku Ward the fourth floor of the government office 48th window
The use timeFrom Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 17:00 (except Saturday, Sunday, celebration holiday, New Year holidays)
Address〒222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku Kohoku Ward government office Kohoku Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center
InquiryTelephone: 045-540-2246 fax: 045-540-2246

Guidance of each corner

About each corner
Work corner *

We can use press (pay), paper fold machine, cutter. Please offer paper by each person.
※We cannot use politics, religion, commercial purpose. ※The use needs registration.

Bulletin board cornerWe can post announcement of group introduction or recruitment of event, members.
Information cornerThere are lifelong learning, social movement information, a lot of flyers of course, event.
Please feel free to look around.
Reception desk, consultation corner

Please feel free to contact about learning and activity.
Meeting room, interchange corner, press, application for rental machine parts this way, please.

Information exchange box *It is available for storage of materials, office supplies necessary for activity and information exchange of group.
※The use needs registration.
Meeting room (nine seats) *It is available for meeting and meeting of group of public interest-like activity, the making of material.
※The use needs registration.
[the use time]
  • (1)From 9:00 to 12:00
  • (2)From 13:00 to 15:00
  • (3)From 15:00 to 17:00
[application method]
We accept reservation on first-come-first-served basis over telephones from 9:00 on the same day (the next day in the case of Saturday, Sunday, celebration holiday) three months before the use preferred date. We can make a reservation to top for 2 for 1 group one month.
※When there is space, we can make a reservation more for two weeks of the use preferred date.
Interchange corner (five seats)It is available for meeting and meeting of group of public interest-like activity, the making of material.

*The use needs the prior "use registration" of this. "The use registration" is limited to group, group working person.

We provide consultation and information about learning, social movement of various fields.

  • Courses such as public facilities, event information
  • Information of facility, place in Kohoku Ward
  • Information about history reading of Kohoku Ward
  • Group, group information in ward
  • Information of teacher of lecturer, volunteer, town

The use needs "the use registration".

◆Reception desk
Acceptance occasional in the fourth floor of the ward office inhabitant of a ward activity support center (the fourth-floor 48th window)
Group, group which performs public interest-like activities such as local action, inhabitant of a ward activity in Kohoku Ward mainly
※Please bring materials (flyer, the rules of a society, leaflet) and identity verification certificate (driver's license, health insurance card) which activity purpose and contents of group understand.


[machine parts]

Image of data projector
Data projector

Image of LED projector
LED projector

Image of digital projector
Digital projector

Image of CD radio cassette recorder
CD radio cassette recorder

Image of MD player
MD player

Image of DVD player
DVD player

Image of Blu-ray player
Blu-ray player

Image of happi coat of Kohoku Ward
Happi coat of Kohoku Ward

Image of hands-free microphone
Hands-free microphone

Image of keyboard

Image of black light for panel theater
Black light for panel theater

Image of OHP

Image of compact megaphone (hand microphone)
Compact megaphone (hand microphone)

Image of hand microphone (loudspeaker)
Hand microphone (loudspeaker)

Image of wireless amplifier and microphone
Wireless amplifier and microphone

Image of mobile screen
Mobile screen

Image of panel board for panel theater
Panel board for panel theater

Image of the picture-story show stage
The picture-story show stage

[picture-story show]

In inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we rent original picture-story show 56 work about old tale of Kohoku Ward.
We publish rough outline of old tale picture-story show in the following leaflet.
Old tale picture-story show leaflet (PDF: 1,762KB) of Kohoku

[cloth toy] << in the lower berth name (amount) >>

★Work which symbol is included in is Yokohama cloth ehongurupu original work.

Ogre nomatoateno photograph 1
★Ogre nomatoate (1)

Ogre nomatoateno photograph 2

Photograph 1 of the picture alignment dice

Photograph 2 of the picture alignment dice
The picture alignment dice (for each one)

Photograph 3 of the picture alignment dice

Photograph of mouse doll
Mouse doll (2)

Photograph of ball dart
★Ball dart (2)

Photograph of catch
★Catch (1)

Photograph of cloth ball
Cloth ball (five with bell) (1)

Photograph of play quoits
Play quoits (2)

Photograph of panel board for panel theater
Panel board (1) for panel theater

Photograph of Christmas tree (tapestry)
★Christmas tree (tapestry) (2)

Photograph of fukuwarai
Fukuwarai (boy, girl) (2)

Photograph of refrigerator
★Refrigerator (1)

Photograph of hand puppet
Hand puppet (fox, raccoon dog, little pig, cat, rabbit) (2)

Photograph of cake
★Cake (2)

Photograph of apron theater (curry and rice)
Apron theater (curry and rice) (1)

Photograph of apron theater (non-tongue)
Apron theater (non-tongue) (1)

Photograph of apron theater (whose house)
Apron theater (whose house) (1)

Photograph of push flute mat
Push flute mat (1)

Photograph of fishing
★Fishing (eight fishing rods, 30 fish, five goldfishes) (3)

Photograph of clothes of Santa Claus
Clothes (5) of Santa Claus

Photograph of para-balloon
Para-balloon (for the room for the open air) (for each one)

Photograph of big furoshiki
Big furoshiki (1)

Photograph of tunnel
Tunnel (possible through the inside) (1)

Photograph of large rope
Large rope (1)

Photograph of watermelon
★Watermelon (1)

Photograph for peel
★(1) for peel

Photograph of socks doll
Socks doll (2)

Clothes of ogre and photograph of aspect, ball
Clothes and aspect (red, blue), ball (1) of ogre

Bell rope
Bell rope (1)

Three kinds of dice
Dice three kinds (1)

The one for child of Santa woman
(1) for child of Santa woman

Registration procedure

※"Use of rental machine parts registration" is necessary to borrow machine parts, picture-story show, cloth toy. You can use only machine parts which rental should be, and is doing group, group activity.

We bring identity verification certificate (health insurance card, driver's license) at the time of registration

We go through the procedure at window of inhabitant of a ward activity support center (the fourth floor 48th)

2-3 days later, postcard "rental machine parts user registration document exchange ticket" arrives from inhabitant of a ward activity support center

We issue "rental machine parts user registration document" in exchange for postcard

Registration completion = telephone reservation is possible

Period of use

As for the machine parts, seven days, cloth toy is 1-3 days

Validity of registration card

Two years (re-procedure is necessary afterwards when we register)

We place special feature of group moving into action in ward, "our town Kohoku" spot, member recruitment of groups and information such as course, event. Bimonthly 1st issuance.

  • Publication is free. Please put manuscript of "studying spot" by 20 days a month of issuance month before last.
  • It is available in station, public facilities (district center, community house, care plaza) in Kohoku Ward.

You can see information magazine "easy studying" joining "activity" of Kohoku Ward together on homepage.

Teacher of Kohoku Ward-cho guide 2020
Teacher of Kohoku Ward-cho guide

We want to make use of various special abilities and technical knowledge, experience that we cultivated by work and hobby in volunteer activity!
We have such people register and introduce in area, circle, school, facility which is looking for lecturer and leader.

"Teacher of Kohoku Ward-cho guide 2020" look at this.

Cover image
Kohoku Ward group, group guide

We introduce mainly in group and group moving into action in various fields as venue in public facilities in ward. (politics and religion, group for the purpose of profit are excluded)
Please utilize person who is looking for circle in area, some which you want to begin for mutual interchange, information exchange of each group again.

"Kohoku Ward group, group guide 2019" look at this.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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