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[Kohoku Ward] In open agency Family Registry Division window, congestion is expected on Saturday

Last update date July 1, 2020

In the open agency, Family Registry Division window is crowded very much on Saturday.
When we are not in a hurry, we avoid congestion day and, for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, have the next agency, and cooperation to dispersion next agency, please.
※Saturday open agency: From every month second fourth Saturday 9:00 a.m. to noon (when fall on holiday open agency)
       The handling duties: Family Registry Division, Insurance and Pension Division, some duties (please see "about ward office window open agency of second fourth Saturday" in detail.) of child home support section

[important news]
About Saturday open agency of July 25

On Saturday, July 25, we cannot accept procedure for my number cards (including electronic certificate) for nationwide system maintenance by local public entity information system mechanism (※).
Person (we include people having my Nanba - card, Basic Resident Register card in people doing moving) needing the next procedure would appreciate your coming on another open agency day. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like understanding and cooperation.
※Corporation which carries out my Nanba - system-related systems construction
[main procedure to handle, and not to be possible]
○Receipt of my Nanba - card, update of expiration date
○Use of my Nanba - card accompanied with moving of continuation, the items mentioned change (full name, Address)
○Issuance of application of my number card
○We reset password of my number card (electronic certificate) (unlock)
○New issuance, update of expiration date of electronic certificate
○Delivery of the seal registration certificate with my number card
○Procedure about Basic Resident Register card
※At the same time, please confirm ward office window open agency nitsuiteogo of second fourth Saturday.

The congestion situation (the situation of last July) of Saturday open agency

1 Family Registry Division 21st window (procedures for resident certificate, Seal Registration)
We accept resident move notification or seal registration application in Family Registry Division Registration Section (the 21st window) during the second fourth morning of Saturday. We work not to keep customer waiting as much as possible, but time to need in procedure by limits of apparatuses in concentration and system of report than weekdays gets longer.

The number, the greatest waiting time
 The number of receptionistsMaximum waiting time (※)
July 13, 2019303 cases128 minutes

July 27, 2019

226 cases49 minutes
  • In open agency, it is the situation that person from next agency of 1st concentrates on on Saturday for three hours of Hours (from 9:00 to 12:00) on weekdays on Saturday. Window, waiting for space become the congestion situation together.

※The greatest waiting time is waiting time before accepting procedure. After the reception desk, cases to acquire copying and Seal Registration Certificate of resident certificate of new Address at the same time have time before handing over more.

2 Family Registry Division 24th windows (procedure for family register including marriage registration form)
 The number of receptionists
July 13, 201969 cases
July 27, 201951 cases

※After having taken delivery from customer about procedure about family register, we confirm telephone inquiry, information terminal for contents confirmation. Therefore we have time in procedure per one than procedure at general window.
※On day becoming memorial day in game of rhyming, it is expected with repdigit of number that delivery such as marriage registration form increases on memorial day and day when it is and are crowded.

3 particularly time to be crowded
Regardless of contents of procedure, you may have to wait to reception desk more than one hour. Window is crowded very much from around 10:30 in particular through 12:00.
As you tell about current reception desk number, the waiting number of people in Kohoku Ward Web page (the outside site) to be able to effectively utilize time, please use.

About examination of procedure except Saturday open agency (ask)

Person who wants to receive only certificates such as copying, family register of 1 resident certificate

  1. Please use service counter in the city hall which has open on Saturday and Sunday. For more details, please see "service counter in the city hall".
  2. The acquisition such as copying of resident certificate by mail or family register-related certificate is possible, too. For more details, please see "about Yokohama-shi mail request desk work center".
  3. Person having my number card is available for the acquisition of certificate at convenience store. For more details, please see "about convenience store grant service".

Person whom notice of the change of address is submitted to by moving to 2 Yokohama suburbs
 Report by mail is possible. For more details, please see "notice of the change of address" (moving to the suburbs).

About procedure on day except 3 Saturday
 Please see "about window congestion prediction calendar of ward office Family Registry Division".

In addition, about request in ward office Family Registry Division in new coronavirus infectious disease connection, please refer to "about procedure for transference report or certificate acquisition accompanied with moving in ward office Family Registry Division".

About Saturday open agency is careful

About 1 ward office parking lot
Because parking number is limited to Kohoku Ward government office parking lot (pay), it may take time before parking at the time of congestion. I would like the use of public transport as much as possible. In addition, regardless of time required for procedure, free time for parking lot is until one hour.
Please see notice of parking lot.

To municipalities of 2, etc. when cannot inquire, may assume procedure contents "custody" (is not completed on that day).
 ※About documents necessary for request for each report and certificate, I would like confirmation beforehand.

  • When as it was reported family register to municipality of the suburbs, it is necessary to confirm the contents
  • In the case of notice of the change of address from foreign countries
  • When as there are not documents necessary for report of college register desk work, we inquire of schools
  • When we inquire of other cities to perform identity verification

There are reports which are not possible of 3 handling.

  • We handle, and desk work (the surface items mentioned change, password change of Basic Resident Register card, global grant of copying of resident certificate) about the Network System for Basic Resident Registers is not possible.
  • We cannot issue resident certificate with my number of household where we submitted birth registration form to.
  • About jukyohyojishinkifuban, college register desk work (except procedure accompanied with transference, transference, moving), we ask for report in weekday Hours.

  ※"We keep" about these notices and cannot do it. I would like report on weekday open agency day.

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