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We shoot, and let's spend time happily

We compiled information to shoot happily, and to spend time.

Last update date May 27, 2020

[in house health promotion]

(public interest incorporated foundation) Association of Yokohama-shi sports

Video introduces exercise that can feel free to contact in house.
In house casually introduction (the outside site) of exercise


We stand in house so that this time, physical strength that time to spend at home gets longer do not fall, and exercise to strengthen muscle of legs by thing or squat to increase walking time is important. "hamatore" which Motoichi developed pays its attention to five elements which are important for walking and is original training consisting of 20 kinds of exercise.

About point to keep in mind of sports agency sports, exercise and exercise example

Workout possible at home

[we learn and play]

Of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology child learn; support site

Gratuitous downloading of the seeing and hearing and the learning teaching materials of video is possible from wide link.
Of child learn; learning support contents portal site ... (the outside site) in support site - temporary closure period

Contents to be able to enjoy in Municipal Central Library house

We can enjoy children's songs which can be idle in picture-story show and parent and child such as folktales to reach Yokohama from the old days with video.
Contents (video, coloring) to be able to enjoy in house

Let's enjoy at home

Kohoku Ward Ms. key

We can enjoy coloring and paperwork of Kohoku Ward Ms. key.

"We enjoy house!" -From university! Is helpful; contents

Kohoku Ward noninshin, child care

[we know Kohoku Ward]

Kohoku picture library


We introduce Store Association store performing delivery, take-out, web concierge service in ward

[culture, art]

Do you not make time to touch culture, art simply because time to need in house is long time?
From child to adult, there are a lot of contents that you can enjoy toward the wide generation.

Yokohama Noh-theater


New National Theatre

[nature, animal]

We send state of flower blooming beautifully from closed facility and animals of zoo with photograph and video.

Garden necklace Yokohama

Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA

Nogeyama Zoo

Kanazawa Zoo

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