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About basic measures of new coronavirus infectious disease (to all of the sales-affiliated facilities)

All of the sales-affiliated facilities carries out basic infection prophylaxis and asks you to act for extended prevention of infectious disease.

Last update date December 21, 2020

Physical condition management of 1 worker (the staff, part, part-time job)

■Worker takes temperature, and let's put record!
■When we have a cold symptoms such as fever, we contact immediate supervisor, and let's stand by at home!
■We have symptom to doubt infection to new coronavirus infectious disease, and person who wishes to have a medical examination, please do consultation of consultation in reference to this.
■"Crowd" will evade "closeness" 3 dense "sealing" with high infection risk!

Practice example of "new lifestyle" that assumed new coronavirus (the outside site)

Brisk hand-washing by 2 hand soaps (soap)

■At the time of attendance, every waiting on customers will wash hand in hand soap (soap) after going out after the use of restroom well!

Wearing of 3 masks

■Do not move to important customer; let's wear mask to save!

Disinfection of 4 facilities

■Let's do point where worker and customer touch by hand, disinfection of point where we may touch diligently!

Ventilation in five

■Let's perform appropriate ventilation that accepted facility!

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