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Tooth tsuratsu 1 year old toothbrushing classroom

Last update date April 23, 2019

About classroom

Though tooth seems to grow, it has not begun toothbrushing yet. It is awkward that we hate finish polishing…1 year old troubled with about nado, tooth applies.

Conduct contents

  • Story of the cavity prevention
  • Toothbrushing training

Dental hygienist copes.


It is each 25 sets of time capacity together in the afternoon the morning


Holding time
Each time Conduct time

Reception hours

Part of the morning From 10:00

From 9:45

Part of the afternoon From 13:30 From 13:15

Conduct time is about one hour.


  • Mother and child health handbook
  • Toothbrush of child employing


The first floor of the ward office medical examination venue (we have notice on the day of the conduct to know the room.)



Need reservations.
We accept application over electronic application system or telephone.

Application by electronic application system

Application over telephone

Please inform the following contact information of telephone reservation.
We accept application from 8:45 of the reception desk starting date.
In addition, please contact at the following when you cancel.


What is difference between tooth tsuratsu 1 year old toothbrushing classroom and infants dentistry consultation?

Please see the following comparison list.
Tooth tsuratsu 1 year old toothbrushing classroom receives practical training in story or toothbrushing classroom in group form.
Infants dentistry consultation is slightly different from medical examination, consultation, dental hygienist by dentist in content individually to practice toothbrushing.
If it is worry, accept "infants dentistry consultation" about thing and toothbrushing of tooth of child before age targeted for tooth tsuratsu 1 year old toothbrushing classroom.
In addition, in tooth tsuratsu 1 year old toothbrushing classroom, we learn time of entrance of toothbrushing together in preventive story and group for the purpose of oral health of child and protector.
After having participated in lesson, in the one with worry, there is person receiving infants dentistry consultation.
You must necessarily receive neither, but please inflect depending on the situation.

Comparison between tooth tsuratsu 1 year old toothbrushing classroom and infants dentistry consultation list
Business name Object


Tooth tsuratsu 1 year old toothbrushing classroom 11 months, 12 months, 13-month-old child and protector

Group correspondence

  • Story made with mouth which is healthy in parent and child
  • Exercise of toothbrushing of parent and child
  • Cavity bacteria check
Infants dentistry consultation Infants (child of child preschool from 0 years old child)

Individual correspondence

  • Dental health examination by dentist
  • Dentistry consultation
  • Advice such as toothbrushing by dental hygienist

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