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[we reopen in some venues] Local childcare classroom (baby society)

Last update date June 30, 2020

Announcement of Kohoku Ward area childcare classroom (baby society) some venue resumption

About local childcare classroom (baby society) which stopped and between point of view that prevented expansion of infection of new coronavirus and all venue Tuesday, June 30,
We will reopen in some venues after July. In addition, application is necessary for participation from homepage. Including holding schedule please confirm from the following.
We would appreciate your understanding.
It is this about the details including resumption schedule every venue and application reception desk

About baby society

In Kohoku Ward, we go "local childcare classroom" (baby society) for baby/infant under 1.
Do you not make friends through information exchange, learning society?
Please participate casually. Pregnant woman is welcome, too.
Please participate in one holding place that you are easy to go.


About resumption schedule after July, 2020, please confirm this page.


About business cancellation at the time of weather warning official announcement

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