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Kohoku Ward young people instructor meeting

Last update date November 8, 2019

Kohoku Ward young people instructor meeting consists of the young people instructor meeting representative in ward and performs various activities about young instruction upbringing in area.

 Nice to meet you, everyone. It is Tomoe Shiraishi who would act as the 26th Kohoku Ward young people instructor meeting chairperson. We were engaged in activity of the young people instructor for the purpose of young people healthy upbringing as the vice-chairperson of Chairperson Kazuya Ishii at having taken up the post formerly together.
 Get one step of relationship of mutual trust with the young people in the young people instructor meeting of Kohoku Ward triggered by greetings; "plastic bottle rocket meeting" to bring up dream of interchange and children of parent and child through thought, making and discharge of rocket by environmental problem through recycling of plastic bottle "exercise for a roar" brings up interchange, the leadership of interchange between participants, different school year in spite of being thought with natural environments; "experience classroom watches the young people naturally"; "all cities perform patrol all at once".
 The young people instructor system reached the 50th anniversary in last year. We finish year of turning point and want to perform activity that the young people remember with new officer and 164 young people instructors some other time. Even if the times advance, and social environment changes, we believe that love for children whom adult yearns for and feeling to pray that we want you to bring up in good health do not change.
 We want to work on young healthy upbringing in future. We would appreciate your guidance and support, everyone.

The young people instructor promotes young voluntary activity and the upbringing activity to plan young people healthy upbringing by the whole area. We call the young people instructor "blue finger" (win) for short. Main roles are as follows.

Duty of the young people instructor

  • Young instruction and upbringing of group
  • Promotion of local action to affect young upbringing
  • We work on local environmental maintenance and cooperation to facility
  • We work on consultation and protection about the young people
  • Instruction upbringing of working youth and increase of the welfare

Uniform of the young people instructor

The young people instructor is active in the following uniforms. Please call casually if you see by various events or simultaneous patrol.

The young people instructor of each district

We are active by the system which is lower than each district, each in Kohoku Ward.

The number of each district young people instructor


Hiyoshi Tsunashima Ozone Tarumachi Kikuna Morooka Okurayama Shinohara Castle-go Nippa Shinyoshida Hiba arborvitae Takada The total
The number of people

23 people

11 people

14 people

11 people

13 people

Eight people

14 people

16 people

12 people

Nine people

12 people


The name

Ten people

165 people

About the 23rd plastic bottle rocket meeting

1 date and time: November 4, 2019 (month, holiday) 10:00-14:20 ※There is no spare day
2 venues: Tarumachi Park multi-purpose open space (2-753, Tarumachi, Kouhoku-ku)
3 participation qualification: Primary schoolchild (we need consent of parent)
Four branches
(1) Flying distance (general participation) section: We compete for flying distance of plastic bottle rocket. ※Application performs more than 50 cases, lotteries
 ◆Please manufacture according to illustration of this plastic bottle rocket production. In addition, please make spare rocket for damage.
 Plastic bottle rocket design (PDF: 712KB)
(2) Design section: We compete for design of plastic bottle rocket. We vote by entrant.
 ◆We cannot spurt.
 ◆Size is free.
 ◆It is limited to design of "the plastic bottle rocket body".
5 participation fees: Free of charge

About 6 applications
 ◆You can apply from this application form.
 Flying distance section application form (the outside site)
 Design section application form (the outside site)
 ◆In addition, E-mail, FAX, application by postcard are possible, too.
 You fill in the following required items, and please contact Kohoku Ward government office Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section.
 1, the name (furigana) 2, Address 3, Phone number 4, school name, grade 5, desired section (available for both sections participation) 6, participation consent signature of protector
 (in the case of E-mail, please fill in the name of complier in substitution for signature example: complier Kohoku Taro)
 ◆The deadline: It must arrive by Thursday, October 17, 2019
7 instructions
 ◆About participant, sponsor takes out accident insurance, but does not take other responsibility at all.
 ◆We use personal information that we had for administration of plastic bottle rocket meeting.
 ◆We manage according to regulations of "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information" about management of personal information appropriately and use only when cancellation needs contact from sponsor.
 ◆We will tell as a result of lottery and elected candidate about information for participation by email within one week from the deadline.
  "We can receive" email from [email protected], and setting, please.

 ※For more details, please see this participation offer flyer.
 The 23rd plastic bottle rocket meeting [recruitment of flying distance section (public), design sections essential point] (PDF: 228KB)
 [application, reference]
 Kohoku Ward government office Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section Inaba
 Address 〒 222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
 Tell: 045-540-2239 Fax: 045-540-2245
 Email: [email protected]

As publicity work about activities and youth development of the young people instructor, we issue Kohoku blue finger. As it is put in ward office Regional Promotion Division, please see by all means.

Image of the earth
In the infancy to have a big influence on the human being formation, the personality formation, it is fruit experience-based environmental education ... through natural environments

We exercise for a heart full net roar

 Importance of "building relationship of mutual trust" in the person in charge with the young people, difficulty ... Result does not appear immediately and is person in charge of long stance called ten years for five years. To young child of the neighborhood, "good morning, think that hello, karahajimaru daily life conversation is important one step of person in charge with child. Did not enter too much, and determine whether is the sun of just 10:00 a.m. or around 11:00; and at 2:00 at 3:00 did not glare, and launched "hatofuru net people calling exercise" when was in community wrapped in warm mind such as soft sunlight.
 It is volunteer activity that we boil durability of heart, and anyone can participate in. Kindly gentle heart that anyone has is support of this network. We want to do our town in our town where child care is possible in peace by hand without crime. Including local all of you, ward office, Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, PTA, the police, confraternities think that it is duty of we young people instructor that it is to adhesive of warm mind and mind of all of the various quarters concerned.
 Have understand start opinion of activity that boil durability of heart, and anyone can participate in; of participation cooperation of local please called. By serving as PR of this exercise, and making flyer orange Flag, and doing bulletin board of each Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and notice to home, 

  1. We plan criminal restraint by appeal of paying attention to town planning to be able to live by feeling relieved safely of children in the whole area, and watching
  2. The consciousness of exercise participation is dated and plans cooperator, uplift of fellow feeling

We expect nadono effect.

Plastic bottle rocket

 The next introduction is plastic bottle rocket meeting as part of Kohoku inhabitant of a ward Festival. We go in Tarumachi Park of the Tsurumi River riverbed in September (in 2019 November) and are full of with parent and child participants more than 500 every time every year. Using very convenient plastic bottle which is said to be biggest invention in the 20th century when we adhered to everyday life, submission of familiar environmental problem experiences work and experiment of science that decreased from experience again. We serve as exercise of meeting of Kohoku Ward and go rocket production work meeting by 13 districts in ward. As for how to make, please see plastic bottle rocket design (PDF: 712KB). In greetings of the day of work society and the meeting in district, we touch environmental problem clearly in children. For example,
 "Gas which is not good occurs and is dangerous at all to health when we burn as garbage after having used so convenient plastic bottle. That is ... only for we human being. Is what plastic bottle is made from ...? It is from oil. Though there seems to be the oil on this earth a lot, that is thing with limit. We run car and make important electricity, and there is thing which there is from oil a lot when it is clothes which everybody wears.
This is because it repeats resources such as oil or wood with limit, and it uses that it is dividing garbage into various types now. ・* *"
It is launched by countdown of signal all at once!
※As for the meeting result, please see Kohoku blue finger (public information paper). (we cancel by stormy weather in 2018)

Natural experience-based business

List of past conduct places
Village (Minamiashigara-shi) of 2009 Tatsuashi, Kanagawa pattern contact
Village (Aikawa-machi) of Ataigawa contact Kanagawa Prefectural in 2010
2011 Kodomonokuni (Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi)
Lake 2012 Miyagase, Kanagawa Prefectural Aikawa Park (Kiyokawa-mura)
2013 Nagai Uminote Park Soreiyu-no-oka (Yokosuka-shi)
Village (Minamiashigara-shi) of 2014 Tatsuashi, Kanagawa pattern contact
Forest, Aburatsubo Marine Park (Miura-shi) of 2015 Miura-shi lesser omentum charges
The 2016 Yokohama-shi Nojima young people training center (Yokohama-shi)
Aikawa public garden (Kiyokawa-mura) prefectural in 2017 Lake Miyagase
2018 Nagai Uminote Park Soreiyu-no-oka (Yokosuka-shi)
※As for the conduct contents, please see Kohoku blue finger (public information paper).

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