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Health promotion lecture (business of the 80th anniversary of Kohoku constituency system) [was finished]

Last update date July 8, 2019

Sports and health promotion <what rugby told>

◆Lecturer is Naoki Yasumura of announcer at Nippon Television.
◆announcer Yasumura loving to eat makes use of experience of success and rebound of diet and talks about "health promotion"!
◆Through rugby that we continued from ⼩ school to Keio University for 15 years, we show memory concerning Kohoku Ward in the youth when announcer Yasumura sweated at Hiyoshi ground when we learned running out of ⼤ sa of working in all ⼒, ⼼ strength of friend being!
◆9/20 rugby World Cup start! "We can enjoy even this rule if we understand!" We tell about * ⼒ of rugby!


Sunday, July 7, 2019 from 14:00 to 15:30 (opening 13:30)


Keio school organized by contributions Hiyoshi campus kyoseikan (the outside site) Hiroshi Fujiwara memory hall
4-1-1, Hiyoshi, Kouhoku-ku Keio University Hiyoshi campus (there is not parking lot)
Toukyu Toyoko Line, municipal subway Hiyoshi Station is immediate


Naoki Yasumura (announcer at Nippon Television)

It was born in 1988. We are a graduate from Keio school organized by contributions ⼤ studies synthesis policy department.
There is experience such as rugby, soccer, kendo, swimming, sumo.
We are appearing "clearly" on "shuichi" "zooming in ‼ Saturday".


500 first arrival (application system)


We start application for Kohoku Ward residence, working, attendance at school reception desk given priority from Wednesday, May 15!
We start application receptionist of general person on Friday, June 14.
●In the case of the Internet:
(1) Application (the outside site) from PC
(2) Application (the outside site) from smartphone
※The Internet application was finished. By email or FAX, please apply.

●In the case of email: [email protected]

●In the case of FAX: 045-540-2368 (Application downloading (PDF: 389KB) for FAX

[application matter]
The number of full name, Address, telephone of application representative or FAX number, companions and desired presence of full name (to one person), wheelchair seat
●I accept and, only about application after it reached 500 first arrival, inform of the end. (unreserved seat. Standing to watch impossibility.)
●For one application representative, application of companion alone is possible.

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Telephone: 045-540-2362

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