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Kohoku that asks for ho!

Last update date November 29, 2019

We take our ease casually, and let's work on health promotion by walking from all.
We carry out event in commemoration of the Kohoku constituency system 80th anniversary.

Kohoku that asks for ho! Autumn health support fair [finished]

Targeting at people participating in Yokohama walking point "Kohoku that asks for ho! Autumn health support fair"
We hold this.
Does person who has put away pedometer not restart the use again at this opportunity?
We will work on health promotion using Yokohama walking point by all means in this autumn!

Participation method

①It is the use by Yokohama walking point pedometer application

We achieve mission (8,000 steps or more) within designated period,

We show coupon which we won at present distribution place.

※As for the participation in mission method, please see Yokohama walking point homepage (the outside site).

②It is the use with Yokohama walking point pedometer

We show designated pedometer at present distribution place.

Present distribution place

In the following event sites, we distribute present
Event name The present distribution date and time Place
Medical association, dental association, pharmacist society combination
Inhabitant of a ward extension course
Thursday, October 10, 2019
From 13:00 to 16:00
Kohoku public hall lobby
Kohoku overjoyed festival
[called off because of stormy weather]
Friday, October 25, 2019
From 11:00 to 14:00
Kohoku Ward government office courtyard
Stroke prevention lecture
Thursday, October 31, 2019
From 13:30 to 16:00
Kohoku public hall lobby
It is snacks walk a little kouhokuno mall
[we pick up finished (a little as for the walk cancellation)]
Saturday, November 23, 2019
From 12:00 to 16:00
Kohoku Ward government office

Kohoku that asks for ho! We held healthy walking!

It was uneasy weather forecast that rain was worried about until the day before, but thought of everybody arrived on that day and was endowed with comfortable weather of wind suitable for walking.
A lot of voices filled with sense of accomplishment were asked about break, visit of tourist attraction by participant who included, and thoroughly enjoyed walking of about two hours with fatigue, and smiles overflowed in Kohoku Ward.

In addition, towel and Ms. key sable of the Kohoku Ward Ms. key to prize for participation with illustration attracted participant after the goal.
Thank you for your participation, cooperation.

Held summary

The date and time: We include break, visit of tourist attraction from 10:00 on Saturday, June 1, 2019 and are walked about two hours.
Eligible people: Residence, working in Kohoku Ward, attendance at school, each course 40
A: Okurayama course (visiting parks of the fresh green)
[course contents] Okurayama memorial hall → Okurayama Bairin → Hill Park of Futoo view → Futoo South Park → Shin-Yokohama boy baseball field
B: Nippa course (visiting Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine Buddhist temples)
[course contents] Nippa Station → Saihoji → Komyo-ji Temple → Excellent educational work temple → Shin-Yokohama boy baseball field
C: Small desk course (visiting Nissan Stadium sports medical department studies center)
[course contents] Kozukue Station → Shin-Yokohama Park → Visit to Nissan Stadium → "Injury prevention course at the time of walking" by physical therapist → Shin-Yokohama boy baseball field
※Goal of each course was Shin-Yokohama boy baseball field (venue of oldness and Kohoku contact Festival).

Business Yokohama walking point pedometer application of the 80th anniversary of Kohoku constituency system                 "Let's follow stamp event to 2019 hometown Kohoku contact festivals! We held "!

To holding of June 1 "2019 hometown Kohoku contact Festival of the 80th anniversary of Kohoku constituency system", we carried out "stamp event" of pedometer application that assumed festival venue spot. We had many people that came over to festival venue download pedometer application on the spot and had you participate.
By participating in Yokohama walking point pedometer application, would know that you could get present by lot in future, and participant who walking said that he/she enjoyed, and returned came.

Thank you for your participation.

Held summary

Period: From Wednesday, May 8, 2019 to Saturday, June 1
Contents: We download Yokohama walking point pedometer application and we start application and participate in stamp event.

We win stamp at two spots [① Shin-Yokohama boy baseball field (2, Shinyokohama, Kouhoku-ku) ② Kohoku public hall (26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku)].

"2019 hometown Kohoku where is held with smartphone screen which won one or more stamps on Saturday, June 1 of the 80th anniversary of Kohoku constituency system

We show in contact Festival venue and receive towel of Kohoku Ward Ms. key with illustration.

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