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If an earthquake happens

Last updated date: 2018/10/3

If an earthquake happens, we should't panic and should be calm.

If you are at home

  • Protect your head covered with a cushion or a towel, etc.
  • Hide under a sturdy table.
  • Put out any fires immediately.
  • Open a door for an escape route.

If you are in outdoors

  • Beware of falling objects, glasses of windows, signs, etc.
  • Stay away from narrow streets, garden walls, etc. may fall down.

If you are in a department store, theater, station (train & bus), etc.

  • Don't use the elevators.
  • Beware of announcement by staffs.
  • Follow the instructions of staffs.

If you are driving

  • Park on the left-hand side of road.
  • Turn off the engine.
  • Listen to the radio and get the information.
  • If you need to escape from the car, leave the key and don't lock the doors.

If you are near the sea

  • Escape from the seashore immediately as tsunami (tidal waves) may strike.

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