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Do you know about earthquake?

Last updated date: 2018/10/3

Japan is an earthquake-prone country. It is said that 15% of the world's earthquakes happen around Japan.
One never knows when an earthquake will strike. However, with regular preparedness and a calm response by each person, the damage caused by earthquakes can be kept to a minimum.

Damages by a big earthquake

Collapse of buildings, freeways, bridges and fires

Cut off the life lines (water, gas, electricity, telephone line)


Tsunami (Tidal waves)

The great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake hit in 1995, and the impact of tremor was tremor 6 strong or tremor 7. As a result, about 6,500 people were killed and over 100,000 homes were lost by collapse of structures (buildings, freeways, bridges, etc.), fires, landslides.

Earthquake tremor, degree of shaking

In Japan, the degree of shaking is divided into 10 scales. We call it 'Shindo'. If an earthquake with a tremor level 4 (Shindo 4) or higher things fall, so you are advised to take care.

Tremor 0People do not feel any shaking.
Tremor 1Some people indoors feel a light shaking.
Tremor 2Many people indoors feel a shaking. Some sleeping people wake up.
Tremor 3Most people feel a shaking. Some people begin to fear earthquakes.
Tremor 4There is a strong degree of fear, some people fear for their safety. Most sleeping people wake up.
Tremor 5 WeakMost people fear for their safety. Some people feel difficulty moving.
Tremor 5 StrongGreat fear is felt. Many people feel difficulty moving.
Tremor 6 WeakStanding is difficulty.
Tremor 6 StrongStanding is impossible. Movement possible only by crawling.
Tremor 7Tossed about by the shaking. Cannot move of one's own will.

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