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Dial 119

Last updated date: 2018/10/3

Call 119 for Medical Emergencies

  • A serious injury caused by fire or accident
  • A illness which need urgent treatment
  • A sudden injury or illness

  • Dial 119 immediately.
  • Just try to calm down and speak slowly, clearly when taking with operator.
There is a sudden illness (injury).Kyu-Byo Desu (Kega-Desu).
AddressJusho wa...
Name of chikakudesu
Nature of sufferer

Please be prepared to bring your health insurance certificate (kenko hokensho) and cash when you call an ambulance.
Emergency call is free and can be made in nine language.

When it is not serious illness or injury, please go to a hospital or a clinic by yourself.

Emergency Medical Treatment at Night:
Northern Yokohama Night-time Emergency Medical Center (Yokohama-shi Hokubu Yakan Kyubyo Senta)
Emergencies Medical Treatment on Holidays:
Kohoku Holiday Emergency Medical Center (Kohoku-ku Kyujitsu Kyukan Shinryojo)

Call 119 for Fire

  • If you find a fire, shout "Kaji-da!!".

  • Call the fire department [Dial: 119] immediately.
There is a fire."Kaji-da"
Place of fire
Your name and address

Emergency call is free and can be made in nine language.

Importamt Points when you make a emergency call

  • Please use a public telephone as much as possible. You don't need any coins.
    • Grey Phones: Pick up the receiver and dial 119
    • Green Phones: Pick up the receiver, press the red button (the emergency button) and then dial 119

If you call from mobile phones, please tell your mobile phone number and where you are calling from.
It may be advisable to give your mobile phone to a Japanese person in Japanese, so that he/she can explain your location.
Please do not turn off your phone or make any other calls until the ambulance or fire engine arrive, as they may need to contact you.

  • When you hear the ambulance or fire engine siren, please come outside and direct them to the site.

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