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Dial 110

Last updated date: 2018/10/3


  • If you have been involved in a crime or witnessed such, immediately dial 110 to contact the police.

  • If your home or office has been broken into, leave the scene untouched and dial 110.

  • The police will issue the certificate that you have incurred damage or loss.

  • Can be available for 24 hours.Ask neighbors for help in case or emergency.

What is koban (police box) ?

  • There are koban (police boxes) at each area in Japan.
    They are open for 24 hours.

  • Koban (police box) is at your local area and for the safety of your life.
    It is mostly in a city and open for 24 hours.

Roles of koban

The followings are roles of koban to secure local people's life.

  • Patrol within the jurisdiction

  • Criminal Investigation

  • Juvenile Guidance

  • Regulation of traffic

  • Guiding

  • Keeping the lost articles.

  • Protective custody of a lost child, drunk, the old who have senile dementia

Emergency calls from public telephones

  • It costs no money to call 110 from a public telephone.

  • Dial 110 or take the receiver and then push the red button (the emergency button) on the telephone.

  • Talk to the operator

  • 110 is to Police Communication Command Center.
    They will take your call, arrange a police car in emergency. Ask neighbors for help when accident.

  • 110 is to Police Communication Command Center. They will take your call, arrange a police car in case of emergency.

  • If it is a traffic accident the phone number which you are using to notify is asked.
    If you call from a public phone, the phone number will show on the phone.

  • If you call with car phone, cell phone, or PHS, tell an operator about it, and stop to call because the connection was easy to be broken. Also, don't turn off the power of the phone for a while because Police Communication Command Center may call you back.
Calling the Police at 110
There's been a traffic accident.Jiko desu
I've been robbed.Dorobou desu
Help me!Tasukete kudasai
Someone is injured.Kega o shite imasu
The place is ..... .Basho wa ........ desu
My address is ..... .Basho wa .... ku, ..... cho, .....chome, ...... ban, ..... go desu
My name is .... .Watashi no namae wa ...... desu
My telephone number is ...... .Denwa bango wa ........ desu

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