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Procedures for foreign students

Last updated date: 2019/2/18

If you are moving in to Kohoku Ward, you need to come to Ward Office to register your resident card, and apply for National Health Insurance (called "NHI" hereafter).
Please follow the procedures at Ward Office ASAP.
Procedure for participation to resident registration, National Health Insurance is necessary at ward office if we move into Kohoku Ward. Come over to ward office early, and I would like procedure.

For Applicants

Those who have moved (moved in) to Kohoku Ward from overseas for studying purpose.
Person who did moving (transference) in Kohoku Ward for studying abroad from foreign countries

Notification period notification period

Within 14 days after fixed residency in Japan.
After entering Japan, and coming to live in stronghold; less than 14 days

Application/Notification place report

Kohoku Ward Administration Office
Yokohama-shi, Kohoku-ku, Mamedo-cho, 26-1
*After completing the residency registration procedure, you will be required to apply for National Health Insurance.

Kohoku Ward government office (Address: 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi)
※After procedure for resident registration, please do procedure for National Health Insurance participation.

Access & Map ward office guide map

[1] Resident Registry (Moving in notification)  Resident registration (notice of the change of address)

Kohoku Ward Administration Office, Family Registry Division, Registration Support, level 2, window 21
Kohoku Ward government office Family Registry Division Registration Section the second floor 21st window

[2] Participation of National Health Insurance Registry National Health Insurance

Kohoku Ward Administration Office, Insurance and Pension Division, Insurance Section, level 2, window 27
Kohoku Ward government office Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section the second floor 27th window

Kohoku Ward Office floor map floor map

Operating hours Reception hours

Weekdays: 8:45-17:00 weekdays from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Second/Fourth Saturdays: 9:00-Noon second fourth Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to the midday

*Note: Avoid coming on Saturdays due to the crowdedness.
We recommend the weekday next agency on Saturday to be crowded very much.

"Reference: crowded period" [at time when reference is crowded]

March-May throughout the year, Mondays, and on Second/Fourth Saturdays.
Fourth Saturday every year second from March to May, every Monday

*The procedures from/to overseas transferring consume time. We appreciate if you walk in to the office no later than 16:00 on weekdays, or sometimes the procedures could be incomplete.
Procedure for transference from foreign countries takes time. As you may not go through the procedure when he/she comes just before the end, in the case of weekdays, come by around 16:00.

*We don' t close the window on break time, (between Noon - 14:00), although it will take longer as we work with few employees than regular hour.
We handle for from the midday to 2:00 p.m. (the lunch break), but time suffers to some extent as we accept by little number of people.

*When we are dealing with overseas transfers, we will have to search the residential cyber for your previous/current status. Since residential cyber "Juki Net" can only be operated between 9:00-17:00, on weekdays, if you come to Ward Office on Saturday, the response will be confirmed on the following business day. Therefore, although we can print the new address in the resident card, we cannot issue the copy of the resident certificate.
In reception desk of overseas transference, it is necessary to search the Network System for Basic Resident Registers by all means. As we can search the Network System for Basic Resident Registers from 9:00 a.m. of Monday through Friday only to 5:00 p.m., it is confirmation of open, the following day agency day on Saturday. Thus, we can list new Address to residence card, but cannot issue copy of resident certificate.

(Items you need to bring) necessary thing

・Resident Card residence card
・Passport passport
・Moving in/out form (fill out at Kohoku Ward Office's registration form.) transference registration form (we prepare in Kohoku Ward government office.)
Notification form, Sample (Attached) entry paper, entry example (PDF: 131KB)

*When soliciting a resident certificate, there is a fee of 300 yen per each certificate. (Get the revenue stamp of the corresponded fee at the blue vending machine.)
When we acquire resident certificate, it takes fee of one 300 yen.

FYI: What is National Health Insurance? [reference: national health insurance what?]

Those who have registered as a resident should join to National Health Insurance (Mandatory: if staying in Japan for 3 months or more.)
Resident registration who went through the procedure must take out National Health Insurance except some exceptions.

It is an insurance system to lighten the burden of medical expenses.
It is insurance regime to lighten burden of medical expenses .

It is necessary to have the insurance premiums paid depending on the period of submission. If you present the insurance card at the hospital/clinic reception, you will be charged 30% of medical expenses, instead of full amount. (If you do not join to the insurance, you will be responsible for full medical expense costs.)
Depending on period when we joined, it is necessary to have you pay premium, but burden of medical expenses becomes 30% when we show health insurance card at hospital. (we will bear the total amount of medical expenses at hospital when we do not take out insurance.)

If you have any questions about insurance premiums, contact Kohoku Ward Office, Insurance and Pension Division: 045-540-2349
If there are any points that do not understand the premium, please call to Kohoku Ward government office Insurance and Pension Division (045-540-2349).

Regarding Pension inquiries, contact us in person at window 25, level 2.(Kohoku Ward Office Insurance and Pension Division).
Please consult about matter of pension separately at window (Kohoku Ward government office Insurance and Pension Division 25th window).

When it is transferred to To whom may concern, Moving out to overseas foreign countries

If you are moving out to overseas click the link.
When it is transferred to foreign countries, please see this. (PDF: 185KB)

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