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Kohoku volunteer guided tour "visits Morooka Kumano Shrine" "pipe rice porridge Shinto ritual"

Last update date November 18, 2019

Basic information

Event name

Kohoku volunteer guided tour "visits Morooka Kumano Shrine" "pipe rice porridge Shinto ritual"

Event summary

"Pipe rice porridge Shinto ritual" of Kumano encampment is Old Shinto ritual appointed in intangible folk cultural properties of things followed by Yokohama-shi to be more than 1,000 years from three years (949 years) in the sky career. Do you not observe Shinto ritual in conformity with ancient ceremony? Of Shinto ritual stroll in ridge circle of Kohoku Ward and Tsurumi Ward from Kikuna before beginning.

The date

January 14, 2020

The date and time details

From 12:00 to 13:30 ※We accept from around 11:40 and start and leave sequentially.

Holding area

Kohoku Ward

The held place details

Meeting place: Toukyu Toyoko Line Kikuna Station east wicket tax in proportion to the number of people meeting (in front of Tokyu Store Chain)
Course summary: Mt. Kikuna Station ⇒ Kikuna Shrine ⇒ Mamedo firmness ⇒ Japan dandelion park (Shishigaya Shimin-no-Mori) ⇒ Yokomizo mansion ⇒ Morooka Kumano Shrine (dissolution around 13:30) trip: About 3.5 kilos
※Shinto ritual is enforced at 14:00 in the precincts of the main hall left side and participates by each person after the dissolution afterwards as fortune-telling is performed in front shrine.

Participation method

Prior application system ※In the case of a lot of applicants, we draw lots

Application is detailed

Apply after filling out reply address (in the case of double postal card) for ① "pipe rice porridge Shinto ritual" ②〒 number, Address, full name (by furigana, several application full name of all the members), age, Phone number ③ replies by double postal card or E-mail to the following address.
You can apply from application form (the outside site).
[the application deadline] It must arrive by December 23



The expense details

300 yen (premiums)

Eligible people

As for anyone


Kohoku volunteer guide, Kohoku Ward government office

Detailed information

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