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The seventh Kohoku opening garden

We hold the seventh Kohoku opening garden!

Last update date April 16, 2019

Basic information

Event name

The seventh Kohoku opening garden

Event summary

We release flower beds bringing up in personal garden and group for a certain period of time and are event to plan flower and interchange through green by having you rotate freely.

The date and time details

Saturday, April 20, 2019, 21st Sunday, Saturday, May 11, 12th Sunday 10:00-16:00

Holding area

Kohoku Ward

The held place details

100 venues in ward

Participation method

We do not need application (you can participate freely if during public period)

Application is detailed

※To 20 people the first as for Hiyoshi route guidance tour in each time. As for the details, please give me brochure p12-13 oogo *.


Free of charge

Target person

As for anyone

Allied service

・We set up special bureau at Hiyoshi Station, Tsunashima Station, Okurayama Station of Toukyu Toyoko Line during period and, other than distribution of brochure and stamp rally mount, guide the highlight and way of each venue.
Event flyer (PDF: 3,118KB)
Event brochure [collective downloading] (PDF: 17,251KB)
 From the beginning of April, we arrange in public facilities in Kohoku Ward government office, ward.
・Event brochure [we download separately]
 Cover, back cover (PDF: 1,766KB)
 Venue guidance (Hiyoshi, Tsunashima area) (PDF: 3,092KB)
 Venue guidance (Shinyoshida area) (PDF: 3,194KB)
 Venue guidance (Okurayama, Shin-Yokohama, Takada area) (PDF: 4,384KB)
 Map, the support advertisement (PDF: 8,023KB)


Kohoku opening garden governing board/Kohoku Ward government office

Detailed information

Offer of participation venue is mashita on the deadline on December 13, 2018. Thank you for much application.
The seventh Kohoku opening garden participation venue offer point (PDF: 1,886KB)
・<we extract than voice sixth questionnaire of participation venue owner>
・Coming one increases and thanks every year. We feel that everybody comes to taking notebook really eagerly, and the body is tightened. It will allow to study plant harder and to explain to everybody next year!
・Participation venues increased year by year, and visitors increased and felt that we did not be colonizing. With being livable, and image of town of a lot of flowers going through flower for inhabitants; is communicated, and it seems even if is in better environment creation whether is role.
・Repeaters of people who came to see increased, and we came to know each other by sight, and communication deepened.

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