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The accommodations are barrier-free in 2020; promotion operating cost subsidy 

It is system to support about approach to make the existing accommodations in Yokohama-shi barrier-free to fix comfortable accommodation environment by security such as elderly person, person with a disability visiting Yokohama with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics.

Last update date April 28, 2020

Supporting amount of money

1/2 (upper limit 2 million yen) of supporting target expense

※Supporting system and combination such as country or other local governments are possible. Supporting amounts of money of that case are as follows.

(supporting target expense - other subsidies) 1/2 X (upper limit 2 million yen)

Supporting target facility

Existing facility where areas to need in use in "hotel, inn" (the accommodations) in the city to prescribe in hotel business method Article 2 Paragraph 2 are 1,000 square meters or more. But thing which is similar to store type sex culture special open facility and this is excluded.

Supporting eligible people

Person who carries out supporting target business with burden on oneself in the supporting target facility.
But, in any of the following, we do not become a target of assistance.

①Corporation which was formed for political purpose
②Gang management rule corporations (in gang management rule corporations prescribed in the Yokohama-shi gang exclusion regulations.)
③There is non-report of enterprise tax or other land taxes or nonpayment
④We do not acquire necessary authorization about business
⑤There is nonpayment such as wage charges for Yokohama-shi, the fee for use
⑥The uncertain situation exists about continuity of business including (revival plan is excluded after the authorization) under Civil Rehabilitation Law, company reproduction process, statement, procedure based on the bankruptcy law
⑦We are considered to have been dissolved as dormancy company by regulations of Companies Act (2005 law No. 86) Article 472
⑧In addition, the mayor judges that it is not appropriate to issue subsidy in light of business purpose

Supporting target business

①Maintenance to let guest room for existing wheelchair user or general guest room support "designated facility maintenance standard." Furthermore, maintenance to let "desirable maintenance" based on "town development regulations facility maintenance manual [building] enlarged edition (December, 2018) of the Yokohama-shi welfare" support.

②Maintenance to let rest room in common use part in hall support "designated facility maintenance standard" in addition to maintenance of ① mentioned above. Furthermore, maintenance to let "desirable maintenance" based on "town development regulations facility maintenance manual [building] enlarged edition (December, 2018) of the Yokohama-shi welfare" support.

③Conduct of measures that it is admitted that it is necessary to enhance effect of maintenance of ①② mentioned above more, and to achieve purpose of this subsidy.
Measures to enable traverse of example) restroom, the equipment purchase including setting of handrail of expression to place on the floor

※It is necessary that doorway which is on course to guest room or rest room and the course as premise of supporting target business meets "designated facility maintenance standard". But we may be targeted for assistance when we admit that there is benefit of degree equal to ①-③.

Town development regulations facility maintenance manual [building] of the Yokohama-shi welfare

For more information about "designated facility maintenance standard" and "desirable maintenance", "please see town development bylaw facility maintenance manual [building] enlarged edition (December, 2018) of "town development regulations facility maintenance manual [building] (October, 2013) of the Yokohama-shi welfare" and the Yokohama-shi welfare.
We can download from the following link.


Friday, March 6 offer, prior consultation start

Wednesday, April 1 adviser dispatch start

[the primary offer deadline] ※We close offer when we exceeded the amount of budget. (in that case, we do not carry out the second offer.)

Friday, May 8

The end of May (plan) examination committee

The beginning of June (plan) grant decision

[the second offer deadline]

Friday, September 11

The beginning of October (plan) examination committee

The end of October (plan) grant decision

Maintenance, report by ... February company

Examination of March completion, subsidy grant

Barrier-free adviser dispatch (from April 1, 2020)

Barrier-free dispatches barrier-free adviser for company examining becoming. (free)
Adviser actually visits the accommodations and can receive advice.
It is said, "I want concrete advice" which "we do not know what becoming should do barrier-free"
Person, please feel free to contact!

Application method

You read carefully, and please apply for the following offer guidance.

As for the applications, it is style concerned

Please download applications from this.


[reference] 2019 conduct result

Conduct results of 2019 are as follows.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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