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"Tokyo Olympics dance song rent-2020-" CD

Last update date March 20, 2019

"Tokyo Olympics dance song what is-2020-?"

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"Tokyo Olympics leading" that is prevalent in 1964, and sing, and has been inherited is remade as modern version newly, "Tokyo Olympics leading became-2020-".


  • We fix our eyes on Tokyo 2020 meeting and arrange melody, the lyrics and add element of "the Paralympics" and express the world where all people can enjoy sports.
  • It is choreography figure "diversity leading" newly so that wheelchair can dance let alone any people regardless of age or sex happily.
  • Three artists (Sayuri Ishikawa, Yuzo Kayama, Takehara pistol) sing in a loud voice.

●"Tokyo Olympics leading the details of-2020-" to call center

Member of Tokyo Olympics Paralympics tournament organization society call center
0570-09-2020 (17:00 from Reception hours weekdays 9:00)
※As for choreography or the video, please see "-2020-special site (the outside site) (external link) Tokyo Olympics leading".

"Tokyo Olympics dance song about rental of-2020-" CD

We loan out at city hall, ward office to be available by local festival or Bon festival dance.

●CD rental rule in Yokohama-shi

  • We do rental with two weeks per 1 group (when deadline for return is holiday fastening in front agency day. ) which we do with the open agency day before last when fastening in front agency day is open agency day on Saturday.
  • In application, I would like the presentation of thing which can confirm that it is the person.
  • We perform all rental, the return of CD directly at window. Rental, return by mail is not possible.

●Instructions (from Tokyo 2020 organizing committee) about use of CD

  • <nonprofit> About event to meet all 3 conditions of <no charge for admission> <there is no performer reward>, we can use free.
    Other than that, use of copyright procedure to JASRAC is necessary separately, and copyright royalty occurs.
  • Please make use of copyright procedure and copyright royalty payment in responsibility of sponsor.
    ※Reference about use of copyright: JASRAC Tokyo event concert Branch (03-5157-1162)
  • "Tokyo Olympics dance song-2020-" CD, lyrics card, choreography sheet is put under ban of replication in copyright.
List of CD discount window
WindowContact information
Civic Affairs BureauThe Olympics Paralympics promotion sectionTelephone: 045-671-3697 FAX: 045-664-1588
Aoba WardRegional Promotion Division Telephone: 045-978-2296 FAX: 045-978-2413
Asahi WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-954-6095 FAX: 045-955-3341
Izumi WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-800-2395 FAX: 045-800-2507
Isogo WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-750-2393 FAX: 045-750-2534
Kanagawa WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-411-7092 FAX: 045-323-2502
Kanazawa WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-788-7805 FAX: 045-788-1937
Konan WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-847-8395 FAX: 045-842-8193
Kohoku WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-540-2242 FAX: 045-540-2245
Sakae WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-894-8391 FAX: 045-894-3099
Seya WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-367-5694 FAX: 045-367-4423
Tsuzuki Ward  Regional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-948-2238 FAX: 045-948-2239
Tsurumi WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-510-1695 FAX: 045-510-1892
Totsuka WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-866-8415 FAX: 045-864-1933
Naka WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-224-8135 FAX: 045-224-8215
Nishi WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-320-8390 FAX: 045-322-5063
Hodogaya WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-334-6308 FAX: 045-332-7409
Midori WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-930-2236 FAX: 045-930-2242
Minami WardRegional Promotion DivisionTelephone: 045-341-1237 FAX: 045-341-1240
※In addition, we possess even Chuo-toshokan. After checking usage guidance, please use. 

At first, please refer to each window.
If it is the situation that we can loan, please give "-2020-"CD rental application" (Yokohama-shi) after bringing Tokyo Olympics leading" the following the next agency.

"Tokyo Olympics leading-2020-" CD rental application (Yokohama-shi) (PDF: 139KB)

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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