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Starting block, backstroke Ledge were introduced into Yokohama international pool [sports promotion lottery grant]

Last update date July 1, 2019

On June 25, Yokohama-shi caught sports promotion lottery grant (sports lottery (toto, BIG)) that incorporated administrative agency Japan sports promotion center (JSC) performed and introduced the latest swimming race apparatus such as starting block and backstroke Ledge into Yokohama international pool (Tsuzuki Ward  ).

Yokohama international pool photograph

Yokohama international pool photograph

Yokohama international pool photograph

Yokohama international pool photograph

Yokohama international pool photograph

In Yokohama international pool where apparatus of international standard was introduced into, pre-prior camping of the U.K. swimming race representative team for World Swimming Championship that is finally performed in Korea, Kwangju from July 8 is performed. Is crop for British national team; push forward preparations well in Yokohama-shi to camp.

Sports promotion lottery furtherance contents

■Business name: Yokohama international pool starting block setting business and Yokohama international pool backstroke Ledge setting business
■Setting day: Tuesday, June 25, 2019
■The furtherance division: The local public entity sports activity furtherance
■The furtherance narrowed eyes name: Setting of large sporting goods
■The amount of lottery subsidization decision: 4,797,000 yen (the 2 business total)

The sports promotion lottery furtherance

With the sports promotion lottery furtherance, the furtherance is performed for business for the purpose of promotion of sports that local public entity and sports group perform based on provided fund by sale of sports promotion lottery (toto, BIG).

■Sports lottery (toto, BIG) idea public information site "GROWING" page (the outside site)

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