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To athletic meet that use of name such as support is hoped for (the latest edition)

Last update date July 3, 2020

In the athletic meets,
(1) Use in the name of support of "City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau"
(2) The conferment of the mayor Prize
When this is hoped for, by time limit, please perform the following application procedures.
※Deadline for submission of application※
Until one month before the event fixture concerned
(until one month before when we publish support name of Civic Affairs Bureau in public information thing, we print public information thing)

1 application procedure

(1) Use in the name of support of "City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau"
Oh, you download application, event plan, cash budget book from this page, and please fill in required items.
Application circles applicable thing among the text (the conferment of the support, mayor Prize) of the middle. Event plan and cash budget book can substitute even proposal and budget book which they made in your group.
In addition, activities of group attach knowing information, and please submit list of terms, officers of host, proposal (even as for the extract, possible) of the event concerned, brochure flyer of last year.

In addition, please list new coronavirus infection spread precautionary measures with event plans in reference to each guideline on link (about sports agency HP "sports-related new coronavirus infection spread preventive guidelines") as follows.

About sports agency HP "sports-related new coronavirus infection spread preventive guidelines" (the outside site)

After i event, please submit information which state understands such as report of end of the event, the income and expenditure financial statements, program about day for less than one month.
About conduct contents to list in report of end of the event, please list including result of business concretely.

(2) The conferment of the mayor Prize
Please attach draft of certificate of merit to column of "contents, others of the mayor Prize" of application after filling out section name (part of ○○) of certificate of merit, the name (the highest award, the first place), necessary number of sheets of prize.
When you confer the mayor flag, the mayor cup not certificate of merit, please specify.

2 styles

With revisions such as summaries, style of application may be changed. When application in the name of support is done, please download application by all means every time from this page.
※When we are applied using old styles, we may ask for resubmission.
(1) Application (word: 41KB)
(2) Event plan (word: 33KB)
(3) Cash budget book (word: 34KB), cash budget book (Excel: 11KB)
(4) Report of end of the event (word: 34KB)
(5) The income and expenditure financial statements (word: 29KB), the income and expenditure financial statements (Excel: 11KB)
Mention example of report of end of the mention example (PDF: 380KB) event of application (PDF: 345KB)
The acting director summary (the March 31, 2014 enforcement) about use of name consent of City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau (PDF: 144KB)

3 submissions

1-2, Sumiyoshicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Scarf hall the seventh floor of the building 
It is addressed to Yokohama City Hall Civic Affairs Bureau sports promotion section
(please write in red with "support application" in envelope)

It is sent back to the Yokohama-shi top

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