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About some reopening of sports facility accompanied with emergency declaration cancellation [June 10 update]

Last update date June 10, 2020

 Following the fact that emergency declaration was canceled, about a part of the city sports facility which we assumed temporary closing, we carried out infection prophylaxis thoroughly and decided to reopen as follows after having established the use limit.
 All of the use lasts in each facility, and understanding, cooperation to new coronavirus infectious disease infection spread preventive measures, please.

 Yokohama pool center and Asahi pool (outdoor pool) cancel business of 2020.
[May 29] We updated facility reopening day and the use condition.

Facility which reopens the use

Outdoor facility

Resumption day

Wednesday, June 3

Target facility

Indoor facility

Resumption day

Thursday, June 4

Target facility


Yokohama international pool (the outside site)
※Pool and training room will be closed sequentially.

Sports center

The use restrictions and precautions matter

 In the use, we would appreciate your looking after the following matters. In addition, about the details, please confirm on website of each facility.

①In any of the following matters, please stop the use voluntarily.

・When we are not well-conditioned (when there are symptoms such as fever, a cough, throat e.g.

・When infection is doubted, and living together family and immediate acquaintance have

・When we set a limit to entry, and there is close contact with country where observation period after entry is needed, travel to areas or the resident concerned from the government within the past 14 days

②It is said that the use of each room ground is only use of group for the time being and will not carry out personal use (badminton, table tennis).
③As we establish the upper limit of number of people in each room ground, I would like the use by the number of people within the upper limit.
④We may arrange limit to available facilities in each facility.
④Before the use, please confirm "(PDF: 203KB) to users" by all means.
④Entry, submission of "new coronavirus infectious disease preventive measures check sheet" (PDF: 435KB) to prepare for on the use in each facility is necessary.
⑤You make participant list to grasp the name and contact information of all the people using together, and please keep representative of the use for around one month. In addition, please can submit when there is inquiry from facility manager.
⑥I would like cooperation for prompt entrance and exit without waiting in lobbies before the use time.
⑦When new coronavirus infectious disease develops within two weeks after the use, please report presence of close contact to facility immediately.
⑧For prevention of infection, you observe measures that facility manager decided, and please obey instructions of facility manager.

Facility which is closed sequentially

Indoor facility

Indoor pool

Kanazawa pool (rinetsu Kanazawa) pools Tsuzuki (the outside site) (the outside site) Konan pool (the outside site), Asahi pool (indoor pool) (the outside site)
※Hodogaya pool is closed for large-scale repair work until the end of March, 2021 (plan).
※Sakae pool finishes the use on March 31, 2020.

About prospect of resumption

We are adjusting for the graded opening now. We will tell in this page as soon as resumption day is settled.

Outdoor facility

Outdoor pool

We cancel business of 2020

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