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Logo mark statement to express future Yokohama

Last update date March 27, 2019

In 2009, citizens talked about the future of Yokohama to memorable age opening of a port 150th anniversary in Yokohama, and "citizen participation type city brands wound project "imagine Yokohama"" representing future image of Yokohama was performed.
Based on citizen's thought, logo mark to express statement and future image that expressed "future image of Yokohama" with short words and design was born.
We have you share with citizen's all of you for the opening of a port 200th anniversary and inflect in various scenes and utilize in image dispatch of Yokohama to home and abroad.
In addition, in the logo mark installation guide line, please see "about use of logo mark"

Logo mark (symbol of future image of Yokohama)

Logo mark

Thought that was put in logo mark
We imaged opening-like wind by freedom to blow to Yokohama written in statement and expressed "Y" of YOKOHAMA in motif with feather of windmill.
Three different quadrangles express diversity of Yokohama.
Place that various Homo sapiens, things come, and intersects.
By using blue that is symbolic color of Yokohama with three deepness, give mark movement.
We attached the word "OPEN YOKOHAMA" which condensed thought that we loaded statement below with and designed as logo.

Statement (future image of Yokohama)

Laugh. Eat. Learn.
Work. Play. Take a deep breath.
All to be concerned with in living,
It is in arriving range of the hand.
Port and hill, culture and nature, historical thing and new thing.
While sometimes conflicting,
We wrap up various things easily,
Town which people can spend with people like people.
Town which there can be like oneself naturally.
In such a town you and I,
We meet and recognize and raise.

People that that lives here
Future Yokohama that we imagined by oneself.
In long pace, we accept different thing,
Of Yokohama that continued producing new things,
The future when we have already begun in.

Tying up the future now
With true diversity that Yokohama brought up after the opening of a port,
Civic power to create livable environment by oneself.
Opening-like wind blows by freedom that there is not only here.
We will make such Yokohama together.

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