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beyond2020 program

Last update date June 23, 2020

Through "beyond2020 program", we send charm of culture of Yokohama

beyond2020 program logo mark

In Yokohama-shi, we devise "Yokohama vision for the Rugby World Cup 2019TM Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics" and decide "to aim at both meetings that various people visit from all over the world, realization of symbiosis society, in particular, to respect anyone with the Paralympics each other, and to assist" in one of "basic posture". In Culture and Tourism Bureau, we advocate policy of cause "creative ink roux John" of the idea mentioned above and carry out business.
This plans problem solution more than various differences such as obstacle, race, nationality, religion, age, sex on the basis of town development that we made use of originality of culture art of past Motoichi in creatively and is involved with anyone by equal relations and is way of thinking to participate in society and organization.
Based on this thought, Yokohama-shi becomes the certification organization of beyond2020 program. As you accept the certification application, please apply.

What is "beyond2020 program?"

We fix our eyes on after 2020 and it is full of the area nature that is strength of Japan and makes use of rich culture in diversity and authenticates culture program to contribute to creation of Legacy to be able to boast of in the next generation appropriate for maturity society as "beyond2020 program" and by giving logo mark, develop with a feeling of unification to all over Japan in All Japan.

Merit to receive the certification of "beyond2020 program?"


Target group of "beyond2020 program?"

  • Principle, group based in the Yokohama city or group which performs the application business concerned in the city
  • Group which performs profit activity, wide activity regardless of nonprofit activity about culture
  • Other than public institution, it is wide groups such as private business person, any other groups


The certification requirements of "beyond2020 program?"

We assume that we satisfy 1, 2 both following the certification requirements to send charm of Japanese culture, and to create Legacy leading to symbiosis society, globalization.

  1. Business, activity to send charm of Japanese culture  ※With Japanese culture, we include a variety of things including contents that the world pays attention to from traditional art as cool Japan, food culture, festivals such as Japanese dishes and traditional craft.
  2. Business, activity including any of the following in consideration for diversity, internationality
  • Approach to remove barrier for person with a disability
  • Approach to remove the language barrier for foreigner


To receive the certification of "beyond2020 program?"

Flow of the certification
Application submission of documentsPlease submit "the certification application" (Excel: 122KB) by email or mail until the certification with two weeks or more margin.
We issue as a result of certification examinationWe issue as a result of certification examination: We send notifications to e-mail address listed in application.
We change application contents ofPlease submit the certification change application or the certification change registration form (Excel: 31KB). (in the case of organization, group name, business, activity name, implementation period, held place, change of business summary in the case of the certification change application, other change the certification change registration form)
Business operation 
Submission of the results reportPlease submit thing, photorecording (2-3 points) and "beyond2020 program results report" (Excel: 71KB) which approach summary understands to business report or news release after business within one month.


Application documents
Essential The certification application (Excel: 122KB)
Essential Written oath and written consent (even as for the data which we scanned, possible)
Essential Documents (terms) which activity of group understands
[voluntarily] Documents (plan summary books) which plan contents understand

  (the Yokohama-shi beyond2020 program certification point) (PDF: 221KB)

E-Mail address[email protected]

The 30th floor of 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
It is addressed to culture program promotion section beyond2020 certification person in charge


Related site

We accept electronic application of beyond2020 program in culture information portal site "Culture NIPPON" of Agency for Cultural Affairs (the outside site).

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