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Interchange business between East Asia culture city cities

Last update date March 24, 2020

Cultural exchange business between Japan, China and South Korea cities ("East Asia culture city 2014 Yokohama" succession business)

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"East Asia culture city" that promotes mutual understanding in East Asia area and the formation of feeling of solidarity by Japan, China and South Korea three countries choosing city aiming at development by culture art each, and holding various culture art events in the city, and plans reinforcement of international dispatch of East Asia culture.
Yokohama-shi was chosen in the first held city by country and carried out culture art event that it varied in the city a year of 2014 and performed cultural exchange lively with Quanzhou City, Gwangju Metropolitan City that was the choice city of China, Korea.
And we conclude "East Asia culture city friendship cooperation city agreement" in November, 2014 without ending friendly relations of 3 cities only in one year and continue interchange through culture art in after 2014.


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