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LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa

Last update date June 26, 2020

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With "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa"

LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa is filled up by Yokohama-shi more than 40 years ago and is the best industrial housing complex in city where medium and small-sized businesses mainly on wholesale trade and manufacturing industry gather.
Company, office more than 1,000 accumulates here.

2017 "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" new name decision!

We decided name of Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industrial area to "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" in 2017 and made logo!

About process of new name decision

It is land filled up by Yokohama-shi more than 40 years ago, and LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa is industry housing complex of the city best that medium and small-sized businesses mainly on wholesale trade and manufacturing industry gather.
It is this area that continues developing, but, on the other hand, many problems are still becoming clear by progress or low birthrate and aging of globalization of economy in the location companies.
Therefore the government and local company joined forces and examined method to do this area in high area of added value that human resources gathered more and devised "Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry activation plan" in 2016. (please refer to ※ following [reference])
As one of the approaches of plan, is easy to get close to this area, is new; would name, and considered after vote events in civic vote by WEB and local special event, and was decided by name in December, 2017.
Thought "that we want to do in area where attractive people committing this good area in environment that many medium and small-sized businesses accumulate gather" is loaded this name with. "LINKAI" has two meanings of "LINK" (bond/connection) and "AI" (correct love/) other than "seaside" no meaning of seaside part.

State of "Kanazawa seaside town" summer festival
We carried out vote in adjacent house area "Kanazawa seaside town"♪

[reference] Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industrial activation plan (2016 development)

Tagline&Statement (tag line & statement)

※Tag line: Catch phrase or slogan and synonym
※Statement: We expressed idea and mission as concise sentence

We made brochure to introduce charm of LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa area to!

To LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa, network only in technology proud of to the world and company which took root in area, various charm including environment that is easy to act are clogged up.
It is characteristic in this area that "place to live" in is near "work place". The scene of one one of the industrial housing complex developed in daily life. Through words of working people, we introduce charm.
We distribute in ward office, use of inhabitant of a ward facility in ward and distribute at 2 universities.
Check it out!

Attractive introduction of "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa"

We introduce charm of "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" and activated approach!


It is local company working in "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" (Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industrial housing complex) and exchange meeting with university student in ward.


It is citizen cooperation business that Kanazawa Ward cooperates with company of "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" in "AozoraFactory" and works on.

◆Visit to company tour

We are thinking about employment including university student and visit company, factory of "LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" and carry out tour that we observe the acting spot and can experience.

"LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa" connection page

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