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Emergency information system (5Co Voice)

Last update date March 5, 2019

About emergency information system (5Co Voice)

We push forward attractive town development that it is continued living in by security that Yokohama-shi cooperates with all of area, the companies for realization of environmental city of the future, and anyone can realize "connection" in peace.
In Kanazawa Ward, we collaborate with area, company and introduce "emergency information system" for improvement of security, relief of inhabitant of a ward and gather with transmission of information all at once with use of Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi and inhabitant of a ward facilities in ward.

Introduction purpose

  • Effective communication, collection that can support aging society as environmental city of the future being possible
  • You provide information necessary for at the time of disaster occurrence to each Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi quickly and surely and gather the situation quickly
  • Request that information wanted having been sent to each Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi after typhoon No.19 of 2014 directly

Characteristic of system

Characteristic 1) simultaneous transmission
In that utilize telephone which is imminent communication means, and does not use email and the Internet all at once information transmission (do not need special apparatus and operation) (automatically redial in absence)

Characteristic 2) simultaneous collection
We utilize push button and, as well as dispatch, grasp various information from addressee and can gather (information contents to send from system can be configured freely)

It comes true by characteristic 3) collaboration
Electronic maternity record book system which got high evaluation by hackathon (event to perform application and service construction in a short time) hosted by the World Bank is built as disaster prevention system with developer to base by collaboration

Information (assumption) to transmit

Information about the weather
Special warning official announcement about the weather, landslide alert information official announcement

Information about evacuation
Evacuation preparation information, evacuation warning, evacuation warning official announcement, information of refuge establishment

Information about earthquake
Earthquake occurrence that is higher than intensity 5 upper, warning, warning official announcement about tsunami

Information about anti-crime program
Information such as suspicious individual, ferocious criminal escape

Information about infectious disease
Information about infectious disease such as new influenza or dengue fever

We take as information that you should transmit to unit Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi directly

Systems construction by collaboration

System proposer (collaboration proposer) company 137 (president Chika Kuroda)

*As partner company of proposer, B trend (president Hideaki Inoue) is in charge of systems construction, management, maintenance maintenance

  • Finalist (10 teams) is with global (August, 2014) and builds "electronic maternity record book system" that even Massachusetts Institute of Technology Climate CoLab contest participates in final again, and receiving a prize (November, 2014) did judge Prize to base at world meeting (30 teams participation) of world disaster prevention reduce disaster damage hackathon (※) hosted by the World Bank
  • Kanazawa Ward promoting 137 and ICT utilization had company of in proposers of this system by business plan graduate school graduate positively concludes collaboration contract based on the Yokohama-shi citizen collaboration regulations (October, 2014)
  • We realize this system by collaboration with high plan, suggestion power, proposer with technology and ward office working on solution of area problem including disaster prevention early

Press release material

We examine information system on the telephone in "simultaneous transmission" & "simultaneous collection" emergency and introduce. (PDF: 581KB)

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