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We made evacuation shelter hygiene poster at disaster

Last update date January 28, 2019

About disaster evacuation shelter hygiene poster

When disaster occurred, and local everybodies gathered for evacuation shelter, and life as an evacuee began, we made this poster to make a help to prevent health hazards such as infectious disease or food poisoning.
Life as an evacuee varies, and, by the situation of damage, the number of refugees, the restoration situation of public utilities, elapsed time from hatsuwazawaigo, it changes. Poster is not usable in all scenes. You post poster depending on the situation, and please alert so that health hazard does not happen to refugees.

Disaster evacuation shelter hygiene poster
The appearance of poster


About 1 infectious disease measures
Let's be careful about 1-1 infectious disease (gargle, mask)
Let's be careful about 1-2 infectious disease (hand-washing)
To prevent 1-3 outbreaks
For the 1-4 economy-class syndrome prevention
Let's do 1-5 mouth care
1-6 "prohibition without shoes" indication

About 2 food
Because we do not become addicted to 2-1 meals
When we keep 2-2 food
Recipe at the time of 2-3 disaster
Toward the 2-4 supply of hot meals turn
To person engaging in 2-5 cooking

About 3 drinking water
About 3-1 drinking water

About 4 restrooms
The direction for uses of 4-1 restroom pack
4-2 restroom precautions
Point of 4-3 restroom cleaning
4-4 "moratorium on restroom" indication

About 5 garbage separation
To container for exclusive use of 5-1
5-2 "burnable garbage" indication
5-3 "filth garbage" indication
5-4 "cans, bottles, PET bottles" indication
5-5 "containers and packaging made of plastic" indication

About 6 insecticides measures
Let's prevent outbreak such as 6-1 insects

About 7 ventilation
We are careful about 7-1 ventilation (in the summer)
We are careful about 7-2 ventilation (in winter)

About evacuation of 8 pets
To evacuated to with 8-1 pet
To where 8-2 pet breeding place is used

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