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Anti-disaster measures for residence foreigner

Last update date November 1, 2018

It is important to obtain back ground, to obtain correct information quickly again to minimize damage at the time of disaster. However, we are apt to become the information weak as foreigner living in Japan cannot often do communication with Japanese enough. We place foreigner as tower required in Kanazawa Ward at disaster and possess at the time of disaster and perform the following approach.

Reporting by multiple languages

●We introduce list of Kanazawa Ward of refuges, crisis management measures manual on homepage.
●In Kanazawa Ward foreign language map, we display evacuation shelter, evacuation area, list of emergency contact information multilingually. Kanazawa Ward inhabitant of a ward life map
●"Earthquake is helpful and, on homepage of Kanazawa international exchange lounge, places by list of earthquake disaster related information by multiple languages as information" at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake occurrence.
"Earthquake is helpful information" (the outside site)

Disaster drill

●We did disaster drill which assumed earthquake and fire in Japanese classroom of Kanazawa international exchange lounge on disaster drill February 22, 2011 for residence foreigner and support volunteer. By having carried out before the Great East Japan Earthquake, as a result, was able to have residence foreigners do mental attitude for earthquake in necessary timing. We will continue such an approach continuously in future.

State (PDF: 3,116KB) of disaster drill

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