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Room of tortoise Taro

Page of Kanagawa Ward mascot character tortoise Taro

Last update date March 22, 2019

Kanagawa Ward mascot character tortoise Taro

Tulip and tortoise Taro

Tortoise Taro who looks up at the sky

The third generation tortoise Taro

Kanagawa Ward has Taro Urashima legend, and stones which river, Taro Urashima that Taro Urashimas washed the hands sit, and cried are left.
For such a legend, Kanagawa Ward mascot character "tortoise Taro" was born in 1983.

We made official video of tortoise Taro child exercises!

Tortoise Taro became the 298th place by mascot ® Grand Prix 2017!

Tortoise Taro collection
We introduce tortoise Taro of various figures including old and new tortoise Taro illustrations

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