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My town Kanagawa best

Last update date February 10, 2019

My town Kanagawa best

With "my town Kanagawa best"

In commemorative year called the Yokohama opening of a port 150th anniversary, we gathered up selected charm resources regardless of materiality, formlessness including nature, culture, history, living, industry generally from various fields to leave no charm in "Kanagawa Ward Nara" like "Kanagawa Ward" in the next generation, and to protect, and to tell. We were due to examination in Kanagawa Ward assets system promotion committee composed of inhabitant of a ward, company, administration for Heisei 20-21 years and application, popularity vote by inhabitant of a ward and were authorized. (List of my town Kanagawa bests (PDF: 325KB)

My town Kanagawa best walk guide

We introduce all the Kanagawa Ward 10 courses which we can take a walk through while going round "my town Kanagawa bests".
We distribute in use of inhabitants of a ward facility such as Kanagawa Ward government office or district center in ward. In addition, we can download similar information from this page.
My town Kanagawa best walk guide
Each walk guide course

My town Kanagawa best photographic contest

We carry out photographic contest to publicize no charm in "Kanagawa Ward Nara" like "Kanagawa Ward" from 2009.

Past prize-winning work

Past approach introduction

Tortoise Taro walk guide de general election (2017 conduct)

As plan of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system, we performed popularity vote of "my town Kanagawa best" in 2017.

* Vote period: From July 24, 2017 to September 18, 2017 (57 days)
* Total votes: 4,522 votes (total four branches)
・Nature, scenery section
106 votes of first place Kougaya Park
Night view spot where is perfect in famous spot of cherry tree. It became stage of "battle of honorific title of a Japanese god mountain" for the age of civil strife.
Steep mountain was scraped off for Daiba, Kanagawa and inning of railroad site after the late Tokugawa period.
・Living, culture section
180 votes of first place Urashima legends
In legend to reach ward, Taro Urashima knew that parents became dead on the way back from the Dragon's Palace.
We arrive at peak of Shirohata with grave of parents, and it is said that we became guardian deity of people with the princess of the Dragon Palace while protecting grave afterwards.
・Industrial section
199 votes of first place Rokukakubashi malls
With nostalgic air harking back to the 30, Showa generation, it depends on characteristic events such as underground market, mall professional wrestling, flea market shockingly
It is mall where new breath lives together.
・History section
133 votes of first place Tokaido Kanagawa accommodations
Tokaido was maintained in the Edo era, and "Tokaido Kanagawa accommodation" which became the third post town from Nihonbashi was done.
In this way, it prospered as point of ground transportation such as Tokaido, Kanagawa way.

In addition, as for lower than second place of each section, please see list of results.

Tortoise Taro town pride newspaper contest (2018 conduct)

We raised newspapers which conveyed charm of Kanagawa Ward targeting at primary schoolchildren of residence, attendance at school in ward.
○Offer period: From June, 2018 to November, 2018
○The application total number: 285 points
○The prize-winning work number of articles: Five points of one point of highest award, two points of awards for excellence, tortoise Taro Prize, one point of Special Recognition Award

Prize-winning work

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