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[Kanagawa Ward] Please value moderate exercise meal, sleep! Let's be afraid of infectious disease definitely

 There are various limits for everyday life and, with approach of extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, thinks that that uneasy days are spent comes a lot. We value exercise that the eating habits and sleep are moderate to have you be afraid of infectious disease definitely in this page and introduce in information that little, stays comfortably in time at home.

Last update date May 26, 2020


・The eating habits (introduce important point or recipes) (Kanagawa Ward)
Let's eat in house (let's spend time in STAY HOME house)
We introduce recipe to be useful for jisanike* recipe using ingredients of Yokohama-shi and daily health promotions.
Takeout & delivery Yokohama 
 Take-out (takeout) and delivery to home (delivery) make done store list and introduce.
 Store is in Yokohama-shi without Store Association participation, non-member relations, and even anyone can propose if it is store performing takeout and delivery.
 Please inflect. 

Infection prevention videos

Video page for new coronavirus infectious disease prophylaxis
 We can confirm how to put right masks and method of hand-washing with video.
We can confirm video to enlighten right infectious disease measures that player of Yokohama FC linking eco-partner agreement to Kanagawa Ward appears on.
(production: Yokohama FC, cooperation: City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security section)

Video which can move the body happily in house

hamatore (locomotive syndrome preventive training that there is at home)
Shoulder does gymnastics clearly (Kanagawa Ward)
We collect things softening the shoulder remainder from "hamachan exercises" and "hamatore" and are original exercises of Kanagawa Ward which we edited in BGM of "back island Taro".
Tortoise Taro child exercises (Kanagawa Ward)
They dance with tortoise Taro, and both adult and child will aim at the making of healthy body.
Try! Actual feeling! Change Kanagawa function of body man exercises (Kanagawa Ward)
We have gym MEGALOS supervise "Kanagawa work man exercises" to have company of Kanagawa Ward do gymnastics toward the work,
Kanagawa Ward government office made.

History and trivia of Kanagawa Ward, it is sometimes walked

Town, Kanagawa Ward of the sea and green and hill. We introduce Kanagawa Ward which charm was full of some other time.
When you walk while people keep appropriate distance at little time, please inflect.
History of Kanagawa Ward
My town Kanagawa best
Walking map of Kanagawa Ward government office making

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