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Kanagawa area support subsidy

Last update date March 20, 2019

We support local problem solution.

In Kanagawa Ward, we support approach to want to make town where local everybody lives in better, and there is "Kanagawa area support subsidy".
We support business that we turned to business that local various main constituents launch newly and local problem solution by inhabitants.
Person that application is hoped for, please confirm subsidy summary.
Kanagawa area support subsidy grant summary (PDF: 380KB)
○[reference] List of 2018 Kanagawa area support subsidy business (PDF: 174KB)


Inhabitant of a ward power display course

○Target group

(1)It is constructed led by inhabitant of a ward (residence, working, attendance at school) and is run voluntarily.
(2)It is almost group constructed more more than five people
(3)Participation in group is held by all inhabitants of a ward

○The supporting ceiling

The supporting ceiling
 The first yearThe second yearThe third year
Supporting limit amount of money300,000 yen200,000 yen100,000 yen
Supporting target expense ratioNine-tenths limit

○Other support

(1)Support of public information such as publications to public relations magazine of Kanagawa Ward
(2)The use of tortoise Taro box of Kanagawa Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center
(3)Reservations that are given priority such as use of inhabitant of a ward facilities
※You want and may not attach.

○Support period

We assume up to five years limit and assume three years limit about subsidy support soon.

Local scrum course

○Target group

(1)Intending for inhabitants of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations
(2)Things that the main constituents more than two including Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations cooperate

○The supporting ceiling

The supporting ceiling
 The first yearThe second yearThe third year
Supporting limit amount of money300,000 yen300,000 yen300,000 yen
Supporting target expense ratioNine-tenths limit

○Support period

We assume up to three years limit.

Supporting business that excludes

This business is not intended for applicable thing next.

  • It was aimed for profit
  • We work on politics, religion, election
  • Construction, maintenance of facility
  • Suggestion of policy
  • Friendship-like eating and drinking



2018 schedule
Friday, December 8, 2017Prior briefing session 
Monday, December 11, 2017
... Friday, February 2, 2018
Submission of applicationBusiness application submission of documents
(with all the documents)
The end of February, 2018Examination※We may carry out hearing.
The beginning of April, 2018Notice of resultWe notify of the supporting right or wrong result.
At the same time, we send subsidy request style.
After the notice of result
... March 31, 2018
Activity period 
It is less than 30 days after businessSubmission of reportBusiness report submission of documents
(with all the documents)
From October, 2018 to DecemberHolding of exchange meetingAs place of activity report of grant group and exchange of opinions
We are going to hold exchange meeting.


  • Group which continues, and is going to apply for subsidy has to receive examination after application procedure every year.
  • We cannot apply to this business for business receiving assistance, the furtherance from Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama-shi and Council of Social Welfare.
  • We do not return submission documents.
  • When other subsidies can conjugate, this business will give priority to that, to this business cannot apply.
    (e.g.,: approach → "community support promotion business" about emergency management)

Application method

○On application, please submit the following documents to Kanagawa Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division (the fifth-floor 502 window) directly (mail impossibility)
○In application, please consult beforehand by all means.

(1)Business application (the style first)
(2)Business plan (style No. 2)
(3)Cash budget book (style No. 3)
(4)Group summary book (style No. 4)
(5)Including terms, the rules of a society of group (style freedom)
(6)Officer, list of members (style freedom)
※(1) We can download (4) from this.

Downloading of documents

We can download documents about application and report from this.


Various style downloading
(1)Business application (the style first) (word: 42KB)(2)Business plan (style No. 2) (Excel: 27KB)
(3)Cash budget book (style No. 3) (Excel: 30KB)(4)Group summary book (style No. 4) (word: 37KB)
(5)Business change application (style No. 7) (word: 26KB)(6)Report of business withdrawal (style No. 9) (word: 25KB)
(7)Business results report (style No. 10) (word: 36KB)(8)Business report (style No. 11) (Excel: 25KB)
(9)The income and expenditure financial statements (style No. 12) (Excel: 27KB)(10)Grant bill (style No. 14) (word: 46KB)

Checkpoint that writes application documents

Application becomes easy to write that we seize these points.

○Point to write business application, plan

(1)We catch local problem, and does it become suggestion of activity to be settled?
(2)Are there advanced pioneer-like invention and idea?
(3)About the organization system, are the number of people and the system appropriate to business taken?
(4)It will continue in the future, and is it expected that activity spreads?

○Point to write business budget book

(1)Budget account and contents, amount of money to carry out business hold good.
(2)Does marriage meeting become effective expenditure in business outline?
(3)Unit price such as print costs, lecturer compensation holds good.
(4)Are you going to secure fund other than entrance fee and fee, the subsidy including money of support?

Usage of expense

We publish a part about few thing with supporting target thing.
Of application please refer to.

Supporting target list
Expense itemWe are targeted for assistanceWe are not targeted for assistance
Expendable supplies costs・Office supplies accompanied with activity,
The purchase such as material costs
・Expense (souvenir, prize) of entertainment
Print costs・Flyer related to business
Print such as posters
The fee for use・The venue fee for use to be related to business directly,
Rentals such as machine parts
・Maintenance expense of office of group
・Expense of venue which group manages
Communication costs・Communication to business participant
・Postcard accompanied with activity, stamp charges
The postage
・Call charges such as telephones which group owns
The travel expenses・We use for business
Traffic such as public transport
・Transportation expenses by normal activity
・Transportation expenses for business participant
・Transportation expenses required for meeting in group
Lecturer compensation・Outside lecturer, performer,
Compensation to leaders
・Compensation to person from group inside
・Personnel expenses to group
Premium・Event insurance accompanied with business holding
Activity insurance
Others・Expense that Director General accepted in particular・The purchase of equipment more than 30,000 yen
(but with local scrum course
Business to carry out newly principle,
The purchase total sum of equipment is a half of assistance amount of money
Assistance intends for under in the upper limit.)
・Eating and drinking costs
(but at experience-based events
Ingredients to be able to put and
Lecturer drink intends for assistance.)


Please contact at the following if you have any questions.

Kanagawa Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section
Telephone: 045-411-7026 FAX: 045-314-8890

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