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Inhabitant of a ward activity support center Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward helper BANK

Last update date July 30, 2020

 "Kanagawa inhabitant of a wardHelper BANKWe make use of own special ability, experience, knowledge in the wide field coherent to life such as lifelong learning, the welfare health, town development, and (sukettobanku) is people fortune registration system for which local as teacher "of" town, plays an active part in volunteer. We do appearance, announcement at lecturer or event of course and contribute to local action and civic lifelong learning widely.
 When you are looking for event performer and lecturer in Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and child society, school or the citizen's use facility, please utilize "Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward helper BANK". Inhabitant of a ward activity support center connects teacher (registrant) and people in town (client) demanding.
 Inhabitant of a ward activity support center supports activity aiming at activation of volunteer activity of the town of Kanagawa Ward.

About consultation of helper BANK

Visit at the time of consultation

  1. Client name (group, facility, group)
  2. Contact information
  3. Request contents (contents, the date and time, place, object, capacity of event)
  4. Available budget (transportation expenses, material cost, reward), article which we can prepare
  5. Helper BANK (teacher of town) which we want to ask for

※Request content has not been decided concretely yet and wants, at first, you to tell about helper BANK (teacher of town), and please feel free to contact!

Flow of the use of helper BANK

Helper BANK utilization image

  1. (consultation) We talk with inhabitant of a ward activity support center ※Please submit "introduction request book" (Excel: 16KB).
  2. (request) Inhabitant of a ward activity support center asks helper BANK (teacher of town)
  3. (introduction) We introduce helper BANK (teacher of town) if you can undertake request
  4. (contact) For conduct, it is meeting with client and helper BANK (teacher of town)
  5. (conduct) Conduct such as events
  6. (report) With client, helper BANK (teacher of town), please submit activity report to inhabitant of a ward activity support center each.

List of Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward helper BANK registrants

List of Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward helper BANK registrants
Division Genre Contents Registration name
Music Musical instrument performance Recorder trio MSO60 (PDF: 1,149KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Volunteer visit performance Violet flute (chamber orchestra) (PDF: 1,176KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Steel guitar & ukulele Duo Steel guitar & ukulele Duo (Akira Miyamura) (PDF: 1,181KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Accordion performance, instruction Look; (PDF: 1,150KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Ocarina and keyboard performance Ako & kako (PDF: 1,143KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Performance of wind music Mom brass band puchihamoni (PDF: 1,123KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Harmonica performance Kandaiji hamonimeitsu (PDF: 1,162KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Performance of koto Meeting (Shoichi Ikeda) to enjoy Koto Shirohata (PDF: 1,140KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Hawaiian performance and hula maharo Rokukakubashi with Ohana Hula (PDF: 1,136KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Violin performance Midori Maeda (PDF: 1,136KB)
Music Musical instrument performance hana fueen* Terry, hana flute (PDF: 1,134KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Musical instrument performance mainly on ukulele Kanagawa ukarere father - zu (PDF: 1,181KB)
Music Musical instrument performance Collaboration performance of guitar and the yo, sum musical instrument Kaneko instrumental music unit (PDF: 1,170KB)
Music Song, chorus Performance, workshop of gospel Sugeta gospel circle (PDF: 1,106KB)
Music Song, chorus Voice training, song Forest Kay (PDF: 1,167KB)
Music Song, chorus Vocal music, chorus boitore Forest Kay (PDF: 1,126KB)
Music Song, chorus Female chorus Trinity (PDF: 1,141KB)
Music Song, chorus With children volunteer performance Kanagawa mamakorasumamimujika (PDF: 1,170KB)
Music Song, chorus Gospel music announcement, participation type song experience Senior gospel Yokohama jibazu (PDF: 1,179KB)
Music Song, chorus Solo, chorus Group fiorente (PDF: 1,133KB)
Music Song, chorus From announcement, nursery rhyme of song to opera Yokohama piccolo (PDF: 1,147KB)
Music Song, chorus Gospel song MM NON-STOP VOICES (PDF: 1,194KB)
Music Song, chorus Music performance Mom music unit ♪ shokoratti ♪ (PDF: 1,157KB)
Entertainment Dance, dancing Japanese dance, modern dance, folk song dancing najuharukai (hanayanaginajuharu) (PDF: 1,146KB)
Entertainment Dance, dancing Hula arohafurasakuru (Chiyo Ito) (PDF: 1,147KB)
Entertainment Dance, dancing Hula furapurumeria (PDF: 1,143KB)
Entertainment Dance, dancing Japanese dance kosendaiko (PDF: 1,127KB)
Entertainment Dance, dancing Social dancing Hiroaki Suzuki (PDF: 432KB)
Entertainment Entertainment Magic Let sell; magic (PDF: 1,190KB)
Entertainment Entertainment Recitation of a Chinese poem Keihin school (Masayoshi Kanazawa) (PDF: 1,125KB)
Entertainment Entertainment Street performance/street performance original work baLLjugglermoka (PDF: 1,169KB)
Entertainment Entertainment Ball bamboo blind Glass bead bamboo blind young girl society (PDF: 1,170KB)
Entertainment Entertainment Magic, ball bamboo blind, beads mageba (Akira Endo) (PDF: 1,140KB)
Entertainment Entertainment Magic Mr. "happy" (PDF: 1,106KB)
Entertainment Entertainment Magic, street performance Yokohama entertainment group life engine (PDF: 1,136KB)
Entertainment Entertainment Show dance by father Appearance dance one order (PDF: 1,137KB)
Entertainment Entertainment Bon festival dance drum dance so orchid clause pontanokai (PDF: 1,156KB)
Art, crafts Art Spirit picture letter salon Spirit picture letter salon (Hitoshi Kawaguchi) (PDF: 1,180KB)
Art, crafts Art We make seasonal work using cloth Cloth dream Aya image (Tsuyako Okamura) (PDF: 1,136KB)
Art, crafts Art Three colors of Pastel art Atelier rabbit hermitage (Keiko Tanaka) of relief (PDF: 1,178KB)
Art, crafts Art Pastel shine art experience Friend studio (Hidekatsu Shiraiwa) (PDF: 1,174KB)
Art, crafts Crafts Craft, the handmade whole pittan (PDF: 1,181KB)
Art, crafts Crafts Handmade picture book and popup card Taeko Kuwabara (PDF: 1,156KB)
Art, crafts Crafts The making of work with origami Origami club (PDF: 1,146KB)
Art, crafts Crafts Copying of a sutra paper-cutting Non profit organization dream (Tomoo Endo) (PDF: 1,151KB)
Art, crafts Crafts Origami Norie Yamamoto (PDF: 1,107KB)
Art, crafts Crafts Handmade miscellaneous goods and paint Mignon (Sanae Kuroyanagi) (PDF: 1,109KB)
Art, crafts Crafts Decoupage shadow box Sachiko Sugimoto (PDF: 1,138KB)
Art, crafts Crafts Nature craft Sunada River fan club (Akiko Tanaka) (PDF: 1,228KB)
Art, crafts Crafts Handicrafts manufacturing using crepe Meeting (PDF: 1,140KB) to enjoy crepe work
Culture, literature History History walk Meeting (PDF: 1,153KB) of NPO corporation Kanagawa Ward now old days guide
Culture, literature Calligraphy Seasonal words instruct each style of handwriting with writing brush raishimamidoriho (PDF: 1,163KB)
Culture, literature Tea ceremony Tea ceremony Toshinao Kayama (PDF: 1,124KB)
International, language study Language study International relations, language study practice, support Soil Sawa Yuko (PDF: 1,107KB)
International, language study Language study Chinese Reiko Suzuki (PDF: 396KB)
Recreation Recreation Demonstration, sale of balloon art Masahiko Uochi (PDF: 1,133KB)
Recreation Recreation Recreation such as Go, shogi Three Chisa Tobe (PDF: 1,162KB)
Recreation Recreation Ventriloquism Osamu Maeda (PDF: 1,134KB)
Recreation Recreation Juggling/balloon art P.jon (field Tomonori) (PDF: 1,170KB)
Recreation Recreation Balloon art Turtle gurampa - zu (PDF: 1,135KB)
Recreation Recreation Street picture-story show and others Mitsuzawa Gucci (PDF: 1,170KB)
Child Child Introduction of attractive play park of outside play Katakura rabbit mountain play park (PDF: 1,155KB)
Child Child Hero show katabirazu (PDF: 1,185KB)
Child Child Toy repair kametarouomocha Hospital (PDF: 1,176KB)
Child Child "Child science experience course" Masanobu Kubo (PDF: 1,178KB)
Child Child Study bito primary, middle, high schools and college or university student's way of life support Cram school (Kunitaka Asai) where future overalls are shallow (PDF: 1,122KB)
Child Child Story-telling, reading and drama instruction Mariko ☆myujiamu (Mariko Kawai) (PDF: 1,168KB)
Sports, exercises Exercises We do gymnastics with smile with friend while singing "Charming exercises to sing" la seed society (PDF: 1,197KB)
Sports, exercises Exercises We can do it even if we sit down even if we stand! Tai chi chuan Healthy Tai chi chuan (Shuichi Yamazaki) (PDF: 1,111KB)
Sports, exercises Exercises Keep-fit, lifestyle-related diseases instruction  Yumiko Kan oar reset stretching (PDF: 1,177KB)
Sports, exercises Exercises We instruct Tai chi chuan carefully happily Tai chi chuan club (Takako Toda) (PDF: 1,135KB)
Sports, exercises Exercises To singing voice; and is keep-fit gently ... song stretches ... growth growth senior (PDF: 1,107KB)
Sports, exercises Exercises Keep-fit using tool of 3B 3B exercises (Kazuyo Yoshida) (PDF: 1,153KB)
Sports, exercises Sports Sponge tennis nankenjo (PDF: 1,145KB)
Beauty, health Beauty Story, aroma craft of aroma Lighthearted niaroma (Sanae Kuroyanagi) (PDF: 1,145KB)
Beauty, health Beauty Herb tea aromatherapy Of aroma and herb rain soil shoot (Emiko Kameda); (PDF: 1,172KB)
Beauty, health Beauty The color therapy service manner training Angel fragrance (PDF: 1,109KB)
Beauty, health Health Mental health counseling Katsuaki Yoshida (PDF: 1,131KB)
Beauty, health Health Food education instructor, service manner Crear (Eriko Ishikawa) (PDF: 560KB)
Beauty, health Health Laughter yoga Chieko Urakami (PDF: 1,136KB)
Beauty, health Health Chair yoga course Keiko Tanaka (PDF: 1,108KB)
Beauty, health Health Let's know trouble of foot! Foot care mammy (PDF: 1,108KB)
Beauty, health Health Healthy physical strength structure isono health club (Isono one advantage) (PDF: 1,155KB)
Beauty, health Health Healthy blowgun dart of abdominal respiration that is good for health Noboru Kakita (PDF: 1,115KB)
Beauty, health Food education Cooking class, food education activity of local production for local consumption mukkufuudo (Yuko Naruse) (PDF: 1,136KB)
IT PC Consultation about PC operation PC Kanagawa accommodation (PDF: 1,149KB)
IT PC PC volunteer CN paku (PDF: 1,229KB)
IT PC Solution to local problem by IT Non profit organization town development agent
Everyday life learning Everyday life learning Experience to found local cafe at home Free cafe "tadazu coffee" (Kazuo Nakajo) (PDF: 1,160KB)
Everyday life learning Everyday life learning Attentive hearing Attentive hearing volunteer rabbit (PDF: 1,127KB)
Everyday life learning Everyday life learning Speech to make bright human relations Noboru Kakita (PDF: 1,115KB)
Everyday life learning Everyday life learning Dementia theme instruction lecture skill announcement Open space Yokohama (kick agriculture fortune cafe net) to knit, and to kick (PDF: 1,156KB)
Everyday life learning Welfare for the elderly Cheerful salon of the dementia prevention Cheerful salon (Hitoshi Kawaguchi) of the dementia prevention (PDF: 1,154KB)
Everyday life learning Disaster prevention Disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage course Authorized NPO corporation Kanagawa 311 network (PDF: 1,182KB)
Everyday life learning Word ribe Word ribe of wartime experience Ikuko Kodama (PDF: 1,109KB)

Contact information

Kanagawa Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center
 Telephone 045-411-7089
 FAX 045-323-2502
 E-mail [email protected]

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