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Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society

Last update date August 25, 2020

Traditional culture Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society of Izumi Ward which we want to convey in the future

We started "Izumi Kabuki" to inherit achievement of "the Ichikawa flower Juro company" who played an active part in this ground from Taisho early in the Showa era as part of business of the tenth anniversary of the constituency system of 1996.
Our meeting starts in December, 1995 and runs by inhabitant of a ward more than 50.
We give a performance every year in October and, for preservation, the succession, the spread of Izumi Kabuki, continue activities such as Kabuki instruction to elementary school.
We changed "Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society" and name in 2017 and decided to widen activity more widely.

What's New

Announcement of the 25th Yokohama Izumi Kabuki performance cancellation

It is "Yokohama Izumi Kabuki performance" holding regularly in autumn in usual, but, from the viewpoint of prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus, will have to cancel this year. When the arrived audiences, actor who gave a performance, health, safety measures of the staff who supported performance and coexistence with performance side were difficult, sponsor judged. We would appreciate your understanding.

We performed the 24th Yokohama Izumi Kabuki performance

The date and time: Saturday, October 19, 2019, 20th Sunday opening 12:30 start 13:00
Place: Citizen of Izumi Ward culture sentateatorufonte (Sotetsu Izumi-Chuo Station drop off walk one minute)
Admission: 1,300 yen
Program: Sugawara instruction calligraphy model private elementary school of the Edo period (sugawaradenjuteranaikagamiterakoya)
    Spring turnout (Izumi does well before play) before play
[reference] Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society making flyer (PDF: 606KB)

Thank you for your visit, encouragement!

Recruitment of members of Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society

"Izumi Kabuki preservation society" changes name to "Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society" and recruits participation of Yokohama citizens widely.
It recruits not only actor but also the staff such as apparel, small tools, stage setting, sound and general affairs.
For details, please see homepage (the outside site) of Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society.

Real Kabuki of inhabitant of a ward handicraft

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